BlackMoons, op.26: for two pianos

BlackMoons is a composition for two pianos

Duration: 3' 45"

Date of composition: 2011

Program Notes

Having completed the two virtuosic compositions for solo guitar ("RedMoons" and "BlueMoons"), my urge to produce their piano counter-solo emerged!

The present composition stands as symbol of its title: a "devilish-difficult" work, its difficulty lying mostly in its speed and required precision of abrupt dynamic shifts. The structural elements used are closely related to RedMoons and BlueMoons.

BlueMoons is the second composition I have composed for solo guitar, the first one being RedMoons.

RedMoons was inspired by J.S. Bach's virtuosity in his work "Chromatische Fantasie und Fuge" for clavicord: the reasons for my choise of this particular work are explained in the web page dedicated to RedMoons.

The second "Moon" solo (BlueMoons) takes guitar virtuosity many steps further in terms of advanced techniques. This particular work is a really bold composition that does not pretend to be easily "accessible": it is a virtuoso piece intended for guitar virtuosos.

About my "third moon": I really do not know how I did in the previous (above mentioned) solo guitar compositions! They might very well be ordinary, since I am not very familiar with guitar writing. But, I am a pianist-hopefully a good one. A pianist who adores virtuoso works. On the other hand, the vast distances I have chosen, made the re-working of this a composition for two pianos an absolute necessity!

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Performance Permission Link

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