KS-Music and Arts Newsletter

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So, here is a brief description of the type of "news" you could expect to receive from me on a twice-per-month basis:

FACTS: I am a person that has decided to be active in several fields, most of them at a professional level. You can find out more about the "whys" and "hows" in my Home page.

STRUCTURE: My Newsletter, under these circumstances, has to be governed by a structure. If not, it will fall apart. Or, at the very worst, you will repeatedly receive "news" that may not interest you.

KS-Music and Arts Newsletter

Fields of Interest and Sequence:

Architecture, Fashion Design, Poetry, Piano Performance/Teaching, Painting, Composition, Business.

This means that: Every single Newsletter will have something from each of the above mentioned fields, even if that something is just a sentence (or food for thought.

The Reasoning Behind this Specific Sequence:

I entered these fields with the same sequence that they have chosen to step into my life!

Business was the last one that entered: However, it dominates a crucial part of my time. Time wisely spent, when done correctly.

More On The Fields Below

About Art:

Art Learning (defining your own style, mini lessons, tips, techniques)

Selling Your Art (marketing and promotion)

Art Licensing (via agents or from your own website)

About Music:

 Piano Learning (best methods of practicing from the beginner to the brilliant command of the soloist, performing, performing solo or with ensemble, anxiety issues, conquering all obstacles)

Piano Teaching (simple methods that make the teaching of piano really a child's game)

Composition (finding your own style, stand out from the main stream, promoting your music, everything about copyrights and licensing)

Important Note:

The last thing I want my Newsletter to be is another sales pitch!

On the contrary, you get to read the reflections and conclusions I reach. I wish and hope to give to both artists/musicians and art/music lovers enough food for thought.

Helping with decisions (and successful tips) concerning the set up of Your Own Home Business (regardless of field) will also be part of my Newsletter.

KS-Music and Arts Newsletter

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Crossing over several fields, life itself uncovers its secrets: let me share them with you.

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