Metamorfa I: for Solo Bassoon

METAMORFA I, op. 16: composed for solo bassoon (2005).

Duration: 5 minutes.

Composition commissioned by: Benjamin Coelho.

Premiere information:

Benjamin Coelho, bassoon.

Midwest Composers’ Symposium 2006, Smith Recital Hall, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL, February 25, 2006.

Program Notes

The title of this composition is a "created" word (the Greek language carries in itself the capability/plasticity for creating endless new words, simply by combining/recombining its "roots").

Meta (meaning 'after' or 'beyond') is combined here with the root morfa deriving from the noun "morfe" (=form). The result of this new word is the "new" meaning of Forms-Beyond, an interesting title for compositions resulting from manipulations of "model-forms"!

In this case, the present composition serves as a model-form for a series of solo works to be realized next! So, far there exists a second composition, under the same title, numbered as "II". This second one is for solo clarinet.

This work for solo bassoon covers a specific range of "extended techniques, such as multiphonics. Its speed is also very challenging.

I intend to add a link for the purchase of the sheet music of this particular composition.

The sound of the bassoon fascinates me. As time progresses, my intent is to form a little bassoon niche with links to more information about: bassoon sheet music, range of the bassoon and extended techniques, but also links for bassoon sale(s), and bassoon reeds for sale!

About reeds in particular: I still remember the little room at the University of Iowa, very close to my own piano studio, where the students of the bassoon class were meticulously preparing their reeds! It was all done with an almost religious devotion! Beautiful and unique memories....

Metamorfa I: Album Download

The recording that follows is from the live performance of the Composers' Workshop Concert at the University of Iowa (April 2006).

Benjamin Coelho has done an incredible job at interpreting my very difficult score (his wording!) in the most expressive way! The composition received high acclaim at the Midwest Composers’ Symposium 2006, where it was first presented.

Metamorfa I on AMAZON

Metamorfa I on AMAZON