Ro to Si I: for solo violin

Ro to Si I, op.19: composed for violin solo (2009).

Duration: ca. 7 minutes.

Composition commissioned by: Marco Fusi.

Premiere information: Marco Fusi, violin.

SoundSCAPE Festival 2009, Pavia, Italy, July 16, 2009.

Program Notes

The title is based on an abbreviation of Roads-to-Silence.

In this composition, I use a complex structure based on the Ancient Greek/Byzantine music systems originating back to Pythagoras.

The speed, extensive use of quarter tones, and general difficulty would label this composition as "virtuosic." However, Marco Fusi ( a highly regarded composer/violinist) put it together within 10 days! His comments were very positive as was the reception from the audience.

Unfortunately, I do not have a recording of the original performance. But you can listen to a recording I have produced with (using the highly acclaimed Garritan Personal Orchestra software). This particular recording is to be found at the link provided below, through the section of buying the score with a music clearance.

Violin Music: How to Buy My Score!

Ro to Si I: study score

SXISMA Editions is preparing all of my scores for publication! One of its main goals is to publish the so called study scores, or pocket-sized scores: these scores will be priced low. The aim here is to reach as many interested musicians as possible! By allowing interested/prospective performers to get an informed look at the score, the publishers hope to make the investment into the performance clearance expense more realistic.

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Ro to Si I: Buy score with performance clearance

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Ro to Si I: Recording

My music is often quite difficult for musicians to perform: therefore, I have decided to introduce my Sibelius recordings created on my computer!

Maybe I do really like them, because Sibelius 6 uses now very realistic instrument samples from the library of Garritan Personal Orchestra-the most sophisticated program in imitating orchestral instruments!

Mixing and editing have been realized through the Garageband software.

This recording serves two purposes:

1) to have listeners interested in my music enjoy the ideal speed I had in mind when composing this particular work!

2) to facilitate interested musicians make an informed decision about whether to buy the score or not.

Finally, and despite the fact that these files may not sound as realistic, I like them!!! Simply because I face no "difficulty limitations" during the process of creation!

I also believe that there are a lot of performers out there who would love the challenge: I know that, as I am one of them!

Recording to be officially released soon!