SxismaFashion BlackWhite Chiffon Maxi Dress

SxismaFashion BlackWhite Chiffon Maxi Dress:  

A Luxury Collection of Chiffon Maxi Dresses in Black and White.

The Sxisma Fashion Haute Couture Collection:

Chiffon: the dignified fabric that gives you a touch of luxury and therefore is mostly used for evening wear.

Black and White: the ultimate selection for style and elegance.

Sxisma Fashion: your choice for absolutely unique designs and easy-to-wear luxury! 

Dare to Be Unique!

Special Note:

This collection has been a Limited Time Collection: please notify the seller, if interested in one or more designs! Thank you!

The-Black-White-Collection-Chiffon-Maxi-Dress-I The-Black-White-Collection-Chiffon-Maxi-Dress-II

Chiffon is made out of a wide range of materials: it is a lightweight, plain woven fabric.

The term chiffon originates from the French and it literally means cloth. The fabric makes still an excellent choice for formal wear, particularly ladies evening gowns. The qualities of chiffon give to this fabric a luxurious appearance.

Chiffon fabrics are regularly produced using diverse materials including silk, cotton, rayon or other engineered filaments, for example, polyester. The yarn that makes the fabric is initially contorted and after that woven. This procedure gives the fabric its novel feeling when taken care of. Chiffon is delicate however in the meantime has a rough surface. The fabric is effectively colored to give a wide assortment of colors.

SxismaFashion BlackWhite Chiffon Maxi Dress:

Chiffon is a dainty fabric. Most chiffon is sheer, implying that you can see through a solitary piece when it is held up. The material ordinarily utilizes different sheets of fabric to make dresses, draperies and is regularly utilized as a part of scarfs, night wear and linings of pieces of clothing. The slimness of the material makes the fabric extremely cool to wear, not holding heat close to the body.

The slenderness of the material additionally makes it hard to work with. Another viewpoint is that chiffon has a tendency to be marginally dangerous, making it difficult to clutch. The material shreds effectively after some time.

The-Black-White-Collection-Chiffon-Maxi-Dress-XII The-Black-White-Collection-Chiffon-Maxi-Dress-XIV

Pieces of clothing made of chiffon can be extended and lose their shape after some time if not legitimately looked after. Chiffon ought to be washed with like colors to abstain from draining and shading loss. The material additionally may lose its shading if presented to the sun for drawn out stretches of time.

SxismaFashion BlackWhite Chiffon Maxi Dress:

Chiffon fabric made out of silk is the most sensitive. Silk pieces ought to be hand-washed or laundered. Other chiffon fabrics can be go through the clothes washer utilizing a light cleanser utilizing cool water. To dry the fabric, put in the dryer on a short cycle. Over-drying chiffon may bring about the material to wrinkle. To expel wrinkles, somewhat wet the piece of clothing before applying the iron to the fabric.

Silk is thought to be the best material for chiffon since it surpasses different materials in extravagance and smoothness. Silk chiffon is regularly utilized for the assortment of marriage outfits. It is prized for its light appearance and for the way it shrouds body defects. Be that as it may, silk is the most sensitive of chiffons and it tends to tear while wearing. It must be safeguarded painstakingly and laundered, making it less perfect for pieces of clothing like shirts and scarves.


SxismaFashion BlackWhite Chiffon Maxi Dress:

Chiffon produced using polyester or rayon is more solid than its silk partner. It can be washed by hand or even on a tender cycle in a clothes washer, however it must not be machine-dried. 

The-Black-White-Collection-Chiffon-Maxi-Dress-XXII The-Black-White-Collection-Chiffon-Maxi-Dress-XXI

Poly-chiffon wraps as effectively as silk and is significantly less expensive, making it perfect for the financial plan cognizant. Poly-chiffon is likewise utilized as a part of pieces of clothing like shirts since it doesn't tear as effectively. Pieces of clothing produced using poly-chiffon can be put away all the more effectively.

SxismaFashion BlackWhite Chiffon Maxi Dress:

Chiffon can be comprised of a mix of materials to enhance strength or to include versatility. Chiffon may likewise be utilized for a bit of an article of clothing, for example, a chiffon neckline on a fleece sweater. Silk and polyester are frequently mixed together to reinforce the fabric. Mixes are less costly than silk chiffon, yet they hold a portion of the smoothness and surface.

The-Black-White-Collection-Chiffon-Maxi-Dress-XXV The-Black-White-Collection-Chiffon-Maxi-Dress-XXVII

Georgette and organza are different fabrics utilized much like chiffon. Every one of the three can be produced using silk or polyester and have a comparable vibe. Be that as it may, there are unpretentious contrasts between the fabrics. Organza is stiffer and matte in appearance, while chiffon is prized for its streaming nature and shimmery surface. Georgette is thicker than chiffon and less straightforward.


Chiffon was a prominent fabric amid the nineteenth century. For instance, the late nineteenth century advancement of elaborately designed clothing was called "the religion of chiffon", showing the part that chiffon played in the styles around then.

Chiffon is still a prevalent fabric for night wear, for instance, as an overlay. It is additionally utilized as a part of shirts, skirts, pants, blouses, wraps, strips, scarves and unmentionables. Pieces of clothing ought to be more extensive than typical when made in chiffon, else they don't look full.

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