Fashion Design

Fashion design has always been as natural to me as breathing: it started in elementary school and, since then, has never ceased to amaze me. My other passionate occupation of that time was the production of eccentric city designs (plans).

During my adolescence, and while being extremely busy with the full load of a very demanding school (The American College 'Anatolia' of Thessaloniki) plus the piano lessons at the State Conservatory, I decided I wanted to study fashion design! So, I enrolled in a correspondence course at the Veloudakis Fashion School in Athens. By the end of the course (I was 16 years old by then), Mr. Veloudakis suggested that I send my designs to a fashion magazine for publication. Ι did not do this but, two years later, the fashion magazine GYNAIKA announced a Panhellenic contest for non-professional (young) designers: the winner would then compete at a European level, and three participants would be chosen to work at famous fashion houses in Paris! I entered the competition and was chosen among the first ten. According to the contest's rules, I had to 'realize' my designs: my father came with me, while I traveled to Athens. As "my" fashion model, I was given Efi Mela (the most famous one at that time). I still remember my awe, as I was looking up this immensely tall and impressive woman!!! But, during the interview sessions, I realized that this was not 'my' world: and, since I was a piano student at the same time, I urged my father to return to Thessaloniki before he would have to spend two salaries of his (!!!) for the realization of my three chosen fashion designs. Of course, now I do think quite differently: given the opportunity, I would most certainly invest the time into creating my own fashion line, or at least work as a freelance fashion designer! But, maturity comes later in life!

Several years passed and I followed the path of music. Then, suddenly in 1990, I accidentally met Mr. Dimitrelis, owner of the respective fashion design school of Thessaloniki. I told him right there my short 'fashion story' and he invited me to bring my designs to his office. He literally told me that I was a "born-fashion-designer" and I was offered the opportunity to study this subject (a two-year degree) under a unique deal: to pay for ONE year, but attend ALL lectures of both years!!! While this WAS a great (financially at least) opportunity for me, the load of work was truly immense! I ended up with an attendance and work load of about 50 hours per week, just for the Fashion degree! During that time, I was also a full time professor of piano with a weekly teaching load of 20 hours! I did NOT mind the hard work, but I was wondering how on earth I could practice the piano as well: there was just not enough time!!! So, after pondering for about 5 minutes (my usual 'speed' in decision making!), I decided that Fashion Design had always been a unique passion of mine that had been largely neglected. I therefore decided that it was about time to take care of this inclination of mine, too! And, before making myself a nervous wreck by trying to fit piano practicing into this horrible load of work, I just 'shut' the lid of my piano for the upcoming 9 months of studies and thought: "well, a baby needs 9 months to grow-this is MY baby now and it needs my full attendance!!!" And, this is how I entered this field officially!

The year of my graduation (1993) was under the influence of the 'orient': my inspiration came from the Swayambunath temple of Nepal (the cupola, in particular).

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The Painting Medium I use

I prefer to use gouache paint to complete almost ALL of my design work! The medium is absolutely unique in its capabilities, and fascinating in its results!

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Fashion Design: Merchandise.

On of my greatest joys is the designing of merchandise! Below, you will find some of designer products!


PG-VATS-1 Commuter Bag
Fashion-1 Drawstring Backpack
Fashion-1 Rickshaw Large Zero Messenger Bag
Logo Drawstring Backpack
Sxisma Fashion Small Cosmetic Bag
Sxisma Fashion The Musicians Wristlet
Sxisma Fashion Colorful Wristlet
Sxisma Fashion Wristlet

Women's Apparel:

Fashion-1 Ladies Sleeve Reglan Tees
Fashion-1 Ladies Ringer T-Shirt
Fashion-2 Ladies 3/4 Sleeve Raglan (Fitted) Tee Shirt
Fashion-3 Women's Racerback T-Shirt, Eggshell
Sxisma Fashion Fleece Track Jacket
Sxisma Fashion Black Women's Spandex Leggings