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SXISMA RECORDS is a subsidiary of SXISMA LLC and the recording company promoting exclusively all compositions created by Katerina Stamatelos.

You will find the entire list of Katerina's compositions by clicking at the appropriate button at your left. From there, you will be guided to individual pages containing all information about the work, such as: instrumentation, duration, program notes, and premiere info (if available).

SXISMA RECORDS: Album Downloads, Physical CDs, Ringtones.

Katerina Stamatelos's mp3 music can be downloaded as either complete albums or individual tracks. The individual tracks can also be downloaded as ringtones.

The first album (Threnos And Other Chamber Stories) is already on sale. It can be bought through iTunes, Amazon, and Napster. Physical CDs can only be bought on the SXISMA Records Store. By clicking on the specific button, you will be guided through the process of either downloading individual tracks, the entire album, or ordering the physical CD.

Physical CDs of Katerina Stamatelos's music come in beautiful jewel cases, with a 4-page inserted booklet. Packaging is really well handled, so that your CD arrives safely to you. Please bare in mind that all CDs are manufactured on a "print-on-demand" basis: this means that it may take about two to three weeks (according to where you live) for the CD to reach you.

The compositions featured in this first album have the following titles: Metamorfa I (for solo bassoon), Moods for electronic tape, Nocturn No. 1 and Nocturn No. 2 (for violoncello and piano), String Quartet No. 1, and Threnos (for soprano coloratura, flute and tape).

Threnos And Other Chamber Stories can be purchased at the following website:


Store: Merchandise. Promotional and T-Shirts.

Every new mp3 album with Katerina Stamatelos's music is marked by the simultaneous circulation of either "promotional" or other (like T-Shirts) merchandise. The theme of these products is always inspired by the title of the album.

Threnos provided the concept behind all merchandise accompanying this album.

The main theme of this composition is about the violent death of a young girl (Antigone, from Sophocles's homonymous tragedy). Although Antigone is buried alive in her death chamber, it would be hard to depict this type of cruel punishment in a visual way. Therefore, the pistol was chosen as a "modern equivalent" for murder. Further symbols chosen were: the butterfly (as a reminder of youthful fragility and also of a soul-escape), and the cross (on the poster)-as Antigone seems to carry her own cross (the destiny of her family).

These merchandise products are also sold on a print-on-demand basis. You can take a closer look of each item (size and quality) just by clicking on its icon. All merchandise can be purchased here:

SXISMA RECORDS Store-Merchandise.