SXISMA RECORDS: Latest Releases

SXISMA RECORDS is a subsidiary of SXISMA LLC and the recording company promoting exclusively all compositions created by Katerina Stamatelos.

You will find the entire list of Katerina's compositions by clicking at the appropriate button at your left. From there, you will be guided to individual pages containing all information about the work, such as: instrumentation, duration, program notes, and premiere info (if available).

SXISMA RECORDS: Album Downloads

Sxisma Records has produced the following albums featuring Katerina's compositions (links to iTunes):

Threnos And Other Chamber Stories
We Who Would Be Great And Kind
Songs And Prayers of the Abyss
My Dark Songs
CANTATA The Insane Mother

Sxisma Records: Downloads on Amazon

Sxisma Records: Downloads on Spotify

In addition to the above retailers, Katerina's music is also available through the following distributors:

Beats Music
YouTube Music Key