BlueMoons, op.24: for solo guitar

Composed in 2010

Duration: 9' 30"

BlueMoons: Program Notes

BlueMoons is the second work I have composed for solo guitar, the first one being RedMoons.

RedMoons was inspired by J.S. Bach's virtuosity in his work "Chromatische Fantasie und Fuge" for clavicord: the reasons for my choise of this particular work are explained in the web page dedicated to RedMoons.

This second "Moon" solo takes many steps further in terms of guitar advanced techniques and virtuosity. This particular work is a really bold composition that does not pretend to be easily "accessible": it is a virtuoso piece intended for guitar virtuosos.

In contrast to the RedMoons, the BlueMoons were inspired by the icy cold aspect of the moon. 
The title also reflects the insane difficulty level of the composition: icy cold!

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