Deadly Beauty 03 Paintings

This series of painting started as an attempt to create my first Limited Edition Print: edition of 10. I wanted to have complete control over the process, so I used my own printer (with excellent quality inks) and print paper I normally use to paint my gouache paintings on! The result was amazing, as compared to the regular "giglee" prints that even "big names" in the print industry create! However, I was still not satisfied.

I looked at the prints and, the more I looked, the more I felt the urge to individualize each one of the: to bring them to life by...recreating them! And I did exactly that: I used the print as a "background" and started painting over each one of them. These over-painting technique was NOT a reviving technique using real gouache over. On the contrary, it was a different "point of view": a variant of the original theme. I became so engulfed by the process that, to me, I created 10 new originals! I have uploaded all of them on a single web page, so that you can observe them as clearly as I can observe them.