Four Love Songs, op. 5: for Soprano and Piano

Four Love Songs, op. 5: for Soprano and Piano (1997)

Lyrics: Katerina Stamatelos.

Duration: 9 minutes.

Four Love Songs: World Premiere Information

Karin Laine, soprano

Katerina Stamatelos, piano

Composers’ Workshop Concert, Clapp Recital Hall, The University of Iowa, School of Music, Iowa City, IA, February 23, 1997.

Four Love Songs: Program Notes

When the premiere of the Four Love Songs took place, my composition classmates (mostly young men) gathered around me to ask me "who" had inspired this poetry! I answered to them "nobody": and it was a fact. The poems were written during my adolescence (between 14 and 17 years old!). I had not known "love" yet. So, even for me, this poetry was perplexing. I reflected a lot about the question set by my classmates and, finally, I understood. The poetry clearly referred to a strong love experience of the...past! But, which past??? That was the main question.

At that time, I believed in reincarnation (I don't anymore). Under this perspective, this poetry made sense: it was a clear narration about the loss of a very strong love. Of a love that had waited for eons to be reborn: the poetry spoke of the longing for a reunion with my "Beloved One"!

The Beloved-One-That-Never-Came: the naivete of adolescence...Or simply...a

Fairytale: real love does not exist and every sensitive woman finds that out-sooner or later.

The painting above has been created at the age of 14, same age as the first on the Four Love Songs:  it pictures a 'small harbour' exactly as in that particular song!

Four Love Songs: The Poetry
(in the original Greek)

                      SONG I

Γλυκό ξαγνάντεμα του Αγνωστου

Απο την κουπαστή

Θαρρώ πως βλέπω

Τ απόμακρο λιμανάκι μου


Στο δικό του φώς...

Είναι το κύμα

Που μουρμουρίζει έτσι;

Πόσο γρήγορα χτυπά

Η καρδιά σου!

Ποιά ευτυχία ειναι μεγαλύτερη

Απο τούτη δώ;

Η θάλασσα...το βράδυ...

Το τραγούδι των χειλιών

Που αποξεχάστηκαν

Στ ονείρατό τους...

              SONG III

Κύματα σπάζουν

Μπροστά στα πόδια

Στάσου ψυχή μου

Εδώ σιμά,

Τα χνάρια σου όλα

Πάνω στην άμμο

Γεμίζουν τώρα

Με σιγαλιά.

Στα βράχια πάνω

Δάκρυα κυλήσαν

Η νύχτα στἀθηκε


Τα δάκρυά μας

Γίναν βροχούλα

Τα βλέμματά μας

Πάνω στη γή.

Το κύμα σπάζει

Η νύχτα φεύγει

Κι εγώ προσμένω

Τη χαραυγή,

Μές στα μαλλιά σου

Μές στη ματιά σου

Και στ όνειρό μας

Που καρτερεί.

                      SONG II

Σε είδα

Καθως η θλίψη μου έπαιρνε

Το δρόμο του γυρισμού


Στην καρδιά μου.

Σε είδα

Κι ήσουν χλωμή

Δέν με γνὠρισες;

Γιατί πέρασες απο μπροστά μου

Σα ξένη;


Ημουν εγώ που σ ανάστησε

Στη ζέστα της καρδιάς

Ημουν εγώ που τόσες φορές

Σε έκρυψε

Πίσω απ το ροδαλό

Παιδιάτικο χαμόγελο,

Για να μή σε πάρει

Ο άνεμος.

Κοιτάχτε τα χέρια μου

Δέν μισούν

Δέν αγαπούν

Είναι παγωμένα.

Αν αρπάξουν τ όνειρο,

Θα τους γλυστρίσει

Ανάμεσα απ τα δάχτυλα.

Αν αδρανήσουν,

Θα πήτε πως δεν ήταν


Θα τα λούσω

Στο χάδι της ματιάς σου

Για ν ακούσω

Μόνο μιά φορά

Να χτυπάει το αίμα

Στις φλέβες τους.

Song IV

Σε νιώθω

Μέσα στο αίμα μου

Μέσα στις φλέβες μου




Σιμά στη θύμησή σου

Αποθέτω το είναι μου

Να τρέμει

Καθώς η σιωπή μ αδράχνει...

Πάνω στα μάτια σου

Στηλώνω τα δικά μου


Μη φύγουν...

Ψυχή μου

Τί κι άν σ έχει πάρει

Ο πόνος

Τί κι άν σ απειλεί

Η δύση

Σ έχω δέσει κάπου

Στο χρόνο


Σ ένα γαλάζιο ουρανό...

Four Love Songs: Translations


Sweet staring at the unknown

from the gunwale:

I think I see my remote little port

bathed in its own light.

Is it the waves

that murmur like this?

How fast

your heart is beating!

What happiness is greater

than this?

The sea...

the night...

the song of lips


in their dreams.

Song III

Waves break 

in front of our feet

stay close by,

my soul,

your foorprints

in the sand

are filled now

with silence.

Tears drop

on the rocks,

the night stands


our tears

turn into rain,

our glances (fixed)

on the earth.

The waves break,

the night departs,

and I await

the dawn

into your hair,

into your eyes,

and in our dream

that is enduring.


I saw you

while my sorrow started

its way back

to my heart.

I saw you

and you were pale

Didn't you recognise me?

Why did you walk in front of me

like a stranger?


It is I who has resurrected you

in the heat of the heart,

It is I who has concealed you

so many times

behind the childish smile

so that the wind

may not take you away.

Look at my hands.

They do not hate,

they do not love,

They are frozen.

If they grasp the dream,

it might slip

from the fingers.

If they stay still,

you will say

they were not strong.

I will bathe them

in the caress

of your look,

so that I can hear

just once

the blood beating

in their veins.

Song IV

I feel you

in my blood

in my veins




Close by the memory of yours

I lay my Being


as the silence grasps me.

On your eyes

I fix my own

crying (for them)

not to go.

My soul,

what if the pain

has taken you away;

what if decline

threatens you.

I have fastened you

somewhere in time,


on a blue sky.

Four Love Songs: The Recording

The recording of this composition was done during the live performance of the work at its world premiere, as stated above.

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