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KS-Music and Arts, Issue #001 -- Weapons of the Gods
November 05, 2017

Weapons of the Gods

The mathematical phenomenon always develops out of simple arithmetic, so useful in everyday life, out of numbers, those weapons of the gods: the gods are there, behind the wall, at play with numbers.

Le Corbusier


I begin today's Newsletter with a very interesting quote by the famous Swiss/French architect. Furthermore, I am so excited about the creation of my very first architecture web page! Yes, architecture is being added as a particular "niche" within my web of small niches! But, before I continue writing about this subject, let me just give you the link to this page (in case you are interested):

Architecture entered into my life early on. By the age of nine, instead of playing with other children, I was feverishly designing: not houses but entire cities! I have some funny anecdotes, concerning that period of my life, but this will probably be the subject of a special article-to-publish!

Now that I have finally decided to create a Newsletter that includes all of my passions and interests, I have been wondering: what is the "key element" that binds them all? And I came up with an obvious and very straightforward answer: STRUCTURE!

But, what precisely is structure? The dictionary explains: " Structure is the arrangement of and relations between the parts or elements of something complex."

It is fairly evident that at least two fields, architecture and music composition, would not be able to function without structure. And it is also known that the great masterpieces of art (up to the 20th Century) have been literally "dictated" by the strongest structural rules. But: what about Fashion? Poetry? Music performance? Or music learning/coaching/teaching? And, lastly, what about Business? Is really STRUCTURE the binding force behind them, too?

I would argue that yes, it is. And my reasoning is simple: what is the best synonym for structure? Well, according to me, it is organization: a, specifically chosen, model of organizing the (again, specifically chosen) elements of the particular work-to-be! I would even go that far as to declare it THE binding force behind all!

Organization is the crucial factor of almost everything: from the design of our own bodies, as well as the outer space (distribution of galaxies). I will not go into the "golden ratio" or the "Fibonacci sequence" found in nature: you obviously know all about it already! Plus, it is in my future plans to add specific pages dedicated to these two subjects.

And how about organizing our daily activities? Does it now start making sense?

For now, let me illuminate my point of view by writing down the synonyms of the noun "structure": construction, form, formation, shape, composition, fabric, anatomy, make-up, constitution, organization, system, arrangement, layout, design, frame, framework, configuration, conformation, pattern, plan, mould.

And now, we finally have the key! We can definitely pair/match the following:

1. Architecture with configuration, layout, design, plan, construction.

2. Fashion with design, system, layout, pattern, fabric, construction.

3. Poetry with design, composition, form, layout.

4. Painting with design, layout, composition, frame, form, shape.

5. Sculpture with form, shape, framework, mould.

6. Music composition with form, composition (!), organization, pattern, system, arrangement, plan.

About listening to, learning or teaching/coaching music: they all fall, at least for me, under a discussion worth an entire article by itself! Music has such an incredible impact on our nervous system and the function of our brains that it really deserves it!

And, how about Business? Well, business has highjacked the term organization and turned it into something that might mean way too much (like big conglomerates, etc). I am more interested in the organization of smaller businesses (like your own Home Business) that would be open to greater expansions, of course! But, for now, every advice/suggestion of mine (regarding this sector) will be simple, extremely low-cost, and doable by just anyone!

As a conclusion, do not forget: due to the upcoming festive season, I will have special offers coming up just for my Newsletter subscribers! So, if you have enjoyed this first issue, please spread the word! Let friends of yours who are music/art lovers take advantage of these special offers as well!

Cordially, Katerina

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