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Sxisma Publishing Newsletter, Issue #002 -- Discount Codes
December 01, 2020

The promised discount codes!

Hello, my friends!

I do sincerely hope that my newsletter finds you and your families and friends in good health, as the outrage of Covid-19 continues.

This is a joyous day for me, as I am finally able to announce the publication of my first fashion design book! The official website of Sxisma Publishing is below:

However, as I wrote in my previous newsletter, you can also buy the book directly from my personal website:

As I have already promised, you can use a discount code that will allow you to buy the book with a 40% discount! I believe that it is a really good bargain. There is also no limit on the copies you’d like to buy, using this discount code (you might have friends you’d like to offer the book as present, for example). However, please do bear in mind that (for security reasons) your email will be printed on the top of each page.

So, here we go:


Discount: 40% off all products

Discount Code: 80QCABXV1L

No expiration date!


There are also more “goodies” available: after all, the festivities season is starting and ideas for beautiful/artistic gifts can be quite useful.

My art (art prints, canvas prints, etc,) as well as the consumer products I create using my art, are also offered with a 40% discount! However, this discount is off the profit-not the cost of the product. My art and consumer products are printed by Fine Art America: the printing quality is excellent (I bought two of my paintings and can testify to that), but it comes with a certain “fixed” cost. On this cost, I have no control. The good part is: all paintings are printed all over the world! That means that customers outside the US do not have to pay for customs. The consumer products are printed only in the US.

The website to buy from is here:

Once you pick up an image you like, you will be directed to all products offered by clicking on it. When it comes to paintings, you can chose the medium and size: at your left, you can also find a guide (in 3D) that shows you how a certain size would look on a real wall!

So, here is the discount code and conditions:

Discount code: BPRVDJ

Discount: 40%

Available: Unlimited

START DATE: 11/30/2020

Discount is available starting at 12:00 AM (EST) on this date.


Discount expires at 11:59 PM (EST) on this date

OF COURSE, when this discount code expires (after 3 months) it will be renewed and I will send you the new code.

I apologise for my business-feel of this newsletter, but giving you the correct codes is crucial and will not be repeated in the body of the next newsletter (only at the bottom, as a simple reminder).

In the next issue, January 1st, I will be discussing my ideas that arise from connecting music to painting and fashion design. Until then, though, have a wonderful Holiday Season and keep safe!



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