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Sxisma Publishing Newsletter, Issue #003 -- Happy New Year!
January 01, 2021

Happy New Year!

Hello, my friends!

Let us hope that the harsh times (due to the Covid-19) are, to the most part, on the decline. Vaccinations might bring a relief to the global population and, hopefully, people’s lives will start getting back to normal.

As I am preparing my second Fashion Design book, I have been pondering about my inclination to indulge into so many fields: piano, composition, painting, fashion (to name the most important ones). And, I made a significant realization: as I grow older (and, hopefully, wiser) I find that I can easily switch from one field to another by using a simple technique. But, before I comment on this technique, you might want to ask “why” I want to switch from one field to another. Well, the answer is easy: I am easily bored and, by doing this, my attention gets back into focus. Furthermore, I find this practice very relaxing. And, this is the true key to my technique: relaxation. Instead of trying to “focus,” I rather let myself “sink in.” Or, as some say: be-in-the-present-moment. When I paint, I live just for these moments (short or long, it doesn’t matter): I totally feel that I am a painter and almost forget that I am also a musician. The same goes for fashion, piano, and composition. I am ONE personality at a time-completely ignoring all others. And, believe me, it is so refreshing!

The reason I have mentioned all this is that I noticed how I am gaining control over my life through this method. And then I thought of you, my friends: of how it could also benefit your lives (no matter what your interests are). For example, if you are a mother, instead of getting frustrated with the mischiefs of your children, you could become a kid as well and enjoy these moments with them. I know what you would say: “Katerina, you have never been a mother! What do you know about it?” Well, it’s not completely true: I have been an aunt to two wonderful kids (my brother’s). Apart from being close to them, I also spent an “experimental weekend” with them (where their parents took a small trip). I was totally responsible for them and dreaded the “task” ahead: a girl of 11 and a boy of 9, strong headed, intelligent, and quarrelling with each other all the time! But, as it turned out, they had the most amazing weekend (as they said) and I have enjoyed it immensely as well! No, I am NOT going to share the “tricks” I have used. But, one thing I will share; there was no bickering during the entire weekend. And that was the point.

As a conclusion, I would like to share a web page with prints of some of my most favourite paintings as well as consumer products based on them. I do not have the possibility of using discount codes for these products, but the prices are kept quite low. The shop is based in London, UK.

Until next month, take good care of yourselves!



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