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Sxisma Publishing Newsletter, Issue #001 -- On Making a New Start
October 31, 2020

On Making a New Start

I have been reading (with a certain nostalgia) the 4 newsletter issues that I wrote at the end of the year 2017. It was precisely in November of that year when the first issue of my bimonthly newsletter was published: I only lasted until the end of December. The reason was simple: by trying to find interesting material covering all of my interests (on every single issue) I just became too stressed to be able to continue.

While reading them again, I also felt the need to laugh as I remembered what a dear friend of mine (and one of my very first subscribers) wrote to me: "Katerina, you are using exclamation marks all the time." Indeed, I do. Of course, I tried to control myself vain. Today, I realize that this is one of the funny characteristics of the Greeks. We are enthusiastic like children and, yes, we do put exclamation marks everywhere! Life is for us a delicious and precious experience: we wonder at the beauty of nature, the sunrises and sunsets, the sea, the sky, the stars, the thousands of our gorgeous islands. No wonder our ancestors had so many gods! They adored nature and invented a god (or goddess) for almost everything around them.

Anyhow, today I am sending this newsletter to announce the new mode I will be using: it will be sent just once per month (more will make me stressful again) and will be dealing mostly with what has been just published from my publishers. In fact, signing this contract with them has set me free to create while staying focused on ONE subject at a time. But, as most of you already know, I will be commenting on this publication: and my comments will take me to all directions! (Yes, exclamation mark needed here).

I have made a commitment to publish a fashion design book every single month. You can read the precise description of these publications by clicking on the button "Sxisma Publishing" of my website. Why fashion? Possibly because it makes me feel free, creative and playful like a child: it is also the first of all of my artistic/musical inclinations that appeared in my life (all of my elementary school notebooks were filled with fashion designs at the sides). But, even if you are not interested in fashion, you might find my comments that will follow in the newsletters interesting (or, so I hope).

In concluding, I also want to add that all of my subscribers will get a 40% discount on ALL publications (no matter what the subject). The first book is expected to be published on November 13th. Do not buy it before you receive the next newsletter (of December 1st): it will contain the discount code in it.

I will contact you again in a month. Until then, stay safe!



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