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Art Licensing News: Ballistics license required for art piece

OTTAWA, Ill. (AP) — Necessary tools for creating artwork generally include pencils and paintbrushes but a rarer necessity for Mary "Kathy" Zehr was an explosive ballistics license.

The Chenoa resident brought her large "Wild Horses" piece to the Omni Prize for the Arts festival in Ottawa. The large piece depicts running horses faded over a brown background.

Smoke bombs and gunpowder were ignited to create the effect, enough gunpowder that to make the painting legally she had to acquire a ballistics license to use that much.

"It was a labor of love," Zehr said of the work, which was officially framed around midnight prior to the festival

Zehr said she took a class at Starved Rock State Park along with a fellow artist and they bumped shoulders with many looking to acquire the license for work in various quarries across the country.

"I honestly thought they'd laugh us right out of the class, needing a ballistics license for art," Zehr said with a smile. "But actually they were really cool and I was impressed it wasn't insulting to them for wanting to do that."

The artwork was prepped with some spray paint in 100-degree heat and a cardboard outline of horses was applied to the top in Pontiac before the gunpowder and smoke bombs were placed and ignited. In about 15 to 20 seconds, Zehr's vision came to life in front of the audience's eyes, which was one of the incentives for creating the piece.

Art Licensing News: The horses create a ghostly image on the large canvas, which Zehr said is by design as she laments the slow decline of wild horse numbers.

"They're kind of becoming a thing of the past and it's a bit of a shame," she said.

Zehr had a number of other pieces on display and was making a new piece via woodburning in front of visitors as they stopped by her booth at Reddick Mansion over the weekend.

She said she's been woodburning for many years and was creating an elongated piece showcasing Native Americans chasing down a stagecoach.

Zehr said she's enjoyed meeting with other artists and viewing their work, such as Joyce Bianchi.

Bianchi didn't attend the fair alone, she brought her "Old Man" with her.

The "Old Man" is an elderly face carved out of driftwood with a long beard and tiny eyes.

Art Licensing News: Bianchi is a member of the Ottawa Art League and said she started the pieces as a way to train herself to carve faces. She trains with a woodcarvers group and expects to also bring the sculpture to the Woodcarver's Expo on Sunday, Sept. 30, at Starved Rock Lodge.

Her basement is littered with pieces of driftwood found on her many visits to beaches and picked one piece where she could use some of the wood's natural attributes to add detail to the old man's beard.

She's also accustomed to making smaller designs such as the crescent moon earrings she was wearing during the festival and the three-leaf necklace, with one of the leaves being made of metal clay.

A piece of driftwood remained on the table to show visitors some of material she starts with before it's turned into a piece for the expo later this month.

"What could it be?" she asked herself as she held the piece in her hand.

Bianchi expected to have an answer to the question of what sculpture was hidden inside the piece just waiting for her to carve it out by the end of the festival.


Source: The (Ottawa) Daily Times

Art Licensing News

Art Licensing News: Steve Kaufman Art Licensing Signs Agreement with Becker Associates Bringing Pop Art to Children's Merchandise
Becker Associates is thrilled to represent Steve Kaufman Pop Art for branded children's merchandise. This collaboration presents an opportunity for children to discover the fun and creative essence of Kaufman's artwork.
LONG BEACH, N.Y., May 16, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- American Pop Art, Inc. and Steve Kaufman Art Licensing LLC are excited to announce they have signed an exclusive agreement with Becker Associates to license the artwork of Steve Kaufman for children's toys and merchandise. This collaboration presents an opportunity for children to discover the fun and creative essence of Kaufman's artwork.
Art Licensing News: Steve Kaufman, aka "SAK" (1960-2010), was a charismatic pop artist, humanitarian, and pioneer of Neo Pop Art. He painted icons and trends that stirred the American spirit. Kaufman started his career as an assistant to Andy Warhol, where he learned the art of silk screening.
"As an American Pop Artist, Steve was a believer in working with and helping youth that needed a hand, says Dana Blum, Director of Sales and Marketing, American Pop Art Inc. and Steve Kaufman Art Licensing LLC. "It's only fitting that Becker Associates, a leader in the toy world, bring on an artist that believed in being a strong leader and a charitable person for the young. I look forward to seeing many great things happen."
Becker Associates is an award-winning global management agency that offers popular brands, patented products, and proprietary concepts for global licensing and distribution. It is headed by CEO Patti Becker.

Art Licensing News: "Patti runs what is probably the best toy license management company in the United States," Lutz Müller, President, Klosters Trading Corporation.
Widely regarded as industry experts, Becker Associates will have full access to Steve Kaufman's library of paintings for the customized development of child-friendly merchandise so kids can connect with some of their favorite characters.
"Patti has tremendous creativity, vision and energy. She is a powerful and successful force in the world of branding, licensing and new concepts," says Diana Vachier, Owner of American Pop Art Inc. and Steve Kaufman Art Licensing LLC. "Being as protective of Steve's legacy as we are, we have total confidence that Steve's art will be in great hands with Patti Becker and Becker Associates. We're very excited about working with Patti."
Becker Associates is thrilled to represent Steve Kaufman Art for branded children's merchandise. The vivid colors, well-known characters and iconic pop culture objects, such as Coke bottles and Marvel characters, offer very exciting possibilities for licensing and merchandising in many kids categories. We look forward to offering these Warhol-influenced images to our customers. Preview these images at

About American Pop Art Inc. American Pop Art Inc., established in 2000 and incorporated in 2005, is honored and proud to work exclusively with the art of Steve Kaufman (SAK). 

Art Licensing News: Owner Diana Vachier was a friend and former assistant to Steve Kaufman, and the sole heir to the artist's licensing rights. Kaufman passed away in 2010 at the age of 49, but his art continues to be exhibited, placed into museums, homes and corporations.

About Steve Kaufman Art Licensing LLC:  Steve Kaufman Art Licensing LLC provides corporate advertising and media clients with access to all vivid art, iconic images, name, and personal brand of the late American pop artist Steve Alan Kaufman (SAK).

About Anjar & Becker Associates Anjar & Becker Associates ( have licensed ~800 children's products representing sales of nearly $2 billion globally, including classics such as Gumby & Pokey, Barrel of Monkeys, Nerf Ping Pong, and Battle Dome. Anjar & Becker Associates help commercialize IP, offering popular brands, patented products and proprietary concepts for global licensing and distribution. Becker Associates, a global consulting, licensing, strategic marketing and brand management agency, recently acquired digital media company, FlockU. Some of the world's leading brands and properties rely on Anjar & Becker Associates to help them enter and expand into new markets and build successful and innovative global licensing programs. Clients and licensees include many of the largest toy and entertainment companies, as well as many smaller entrepreneurs. Anjar was the global licensor for Othello, excluding Japan, for 40 years. In February 2018, the founder of Anjar, James R. Becker, became the 74th inductee into the prestigious Toy Industry Hall of Fame, joining Walt Disney, George Lucas, and the founders of Hasbro, Lego, and Mattel.

Art Licensing News: Story Continues
Contact: Patti Becker CEO, Becker Associates LLC
Contact: Diana Vachier Owner, American Pop Art Inc. and Steve Kaufman Art Licensing LLC
Contact: Dana Blum Director Sales and Marketing, American Pop Art Inc. and Steve Kaufman Art Licensing LLC

Art Licensing News: The Fine Art of Licensing
Subjects: TDS, FVT
SANTA MONICA, Calif., May 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Licensing Expo, the world's largest and most influential licensing industry event, showcases the creations of artists & designers to the largest audience of brand owners, licensees and retailers in the world. Sponsored by the International Licensing Industry Merchandisers' Association (LIMA), the Expo takes place on May 23-25 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV.

Art Licensing News: Art licensing encompasses everything from individual artists who support their artistic endeavors via licensing to well-established businesses/organizations that create or own art and design, which can be specifically used to decorate a range of products.* Examples can be seen in home décor, housewares, textiles, giftware, fashion, and traditional prints with US$1.439 billion in retail sales of licensed merchandise worldwide in 2015 in the art category,** according to the LIMA Annual Global Licensing Industry Survey 2016 Report.
Jessica Blue, Senior Vice President, Licensing, UBM: "Twenty-three percent of attendees at Art Licensing News: Licensing Expo manufacture and license in the Art and Design category. Each year new and retuning attendees are treated to innovative displays and diverse imagery across the show floor where they can always see something new. The Expo provides art and design-related guests a full, well-rounded experience while offering exposure to brands of all types."
Licensing Expo is the place where licensees, manufactures and retailers can connect with traditional and contemporary artists and designers. Art & Design exhibitors and brands represented at the 2017 show include: Art Brand Studios LLC, Artestar, Carolyn Blaylock, Jim Benton, The Brand Liaison, The Buffalo Works, Sean Danconia, Jenny Foster, JD Shultz Artwork, Giordano Studios, LLC, JQ Licensing, Kellyportfolio Illustrations, Thomas Kinkade and Pink Light Studio, among others.
Lori Meyer, Gallery Director, Casweck Galleries: "We are excited to exhibit at Licensing Expo as it will provide us with the best the opportunity to connect with companies interested in designing and marketing the illustrations and contemporary western art of Ernest Chiriacka (1913-2010).  Ernest started his career in the 1930's as a pulp artist, moved on to illustration magazine, Esquire pin-ups and paperbacks in the 1940's to 1960's. This is the first time any of his work is offered for licensing and marketing."

Art Licensing News: Art & Design activities featured during Licensing Expo include daily meet-and-greets with multi award-winning artist and writer Robert Aragon, who will be signing copies of his book, A Tiny Teddy named Cuds (booth #A96) and a chance to win a free limited edition signed canvas at the Pyro Painter Art (booth #H87) every day at 4:00 p.m.***
Supporting exhibitors and attendees, including those in the fields of art and design, is the Matchmaking Service, which allows registered attendees and exhibitors to search for, connect and schedule meetings with potential licensing partners before and during the event. To pre-plan your Matchmaking experience, please visit

Art Licensing News: Licensing Expo, the longest running licensing tradeshow, has connected the world's most influential entertainment, character, fashion, art and corporate brand owners and agents with consumer goods manufacturers, licensees and retailers since 1980. Attendees come to spot trends, build strategic partnerships and secure promotional tie-ins. Millions of products across the world started as a conversation at Licensing Expo. This is where brand owners, licensees and retailers find the right partners to expand their businesses and create relationships. Complimentary registration for the Expo is available at

*Courtesy of the LIMA Annual Global Licensing Industry Survey 2016 Report, page 12
** Courtesy of the LIMA Annual Global Licensing Industry Survey 2016 Report, page 16
***times and appearances subject to change

Art Licensing News: About Licensing Expo ( Launched in 1980, Licensing Expo is the world's largest and most influential annual trade show dedicated to licensing and brand extension. The show floor is merchandised into two zones: Characters and Entertainment and Brands, Agents and Design. More than 16,200 retailers, licensees, manufacturers, distributors and licensing agents attend the Expo from more than 67 countries. Licensing Expo is organized by UBM plc. UBM is the largest pure-play B2B Events organizer in the world. Our 3,750+ people, based in more than 20 countries, serve more than 50 different sectors. Our deep knowledge and passion for these sectors allow us to create valuable experiences which enable our customers to succeed. Please visit for the latest news and information about UBM.
About UBM's Global Licensing Group ( The Global Licensing Group at UBM is the global licensing industry's leading tradeshow organizer and media partner. Its mission is to provide opportunities around the world to bring brands and products together to explore and cement licensing partnerships. The following events and information products are produced for the licensing industry by the Global Licensing Group: Licensing Expo (May 23-25, 2017), Brand Licensing Europe (October 10-12, 2017), Licensing Expo Japan (April 28-30, 2017), Licensing Expo China (July 18-20, 2017), NYC Summit (March 2-3, 2017), License Global magazine, License Global Daily E-news and License TV.

About UBM: UBM plc is the largest pure-play B2B Events organizer in the world.  In an increasingly digital world, the value of connecting on a meaningful, human level has never been more important.

At UBM, our deep knowledge and passion for the industry sectors we serve allow us to create valuable experiences where people can succeed. At our events people build relationships, close deals and grow their businesses.  Our 3,750+ people, based in more than 20 countries, serve more than 50 different sectors ? from fashion to pharmaceutical ingredients.  These global networks, skilled, passionate people and market-leading events provide exciting opportunities for business people to achieve their ambitions. For more information, go to; for UBM corporate news, follow us on Twitter at @UBM
News published on 5 may 2017

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What is art licensing?

At some point in their lives, several artists find out about the idea of art licensing: and, at this very point, they are loaded with all sorts of inquiries. What these artists need is to fully comprehend what art licensing is, the manner by which it operates, and on the off chance that it is for them. In the case that you share these equivalent inquiries as well, here are the nuts and bolts of what art licensing is exactly. This article aims at helping you decide whether this is the correct way for you.

What Is Art Licensing

Art Licensing Agents

Just like there are many kinds of manufacturers, there are many kinds of art licensing agents. Some only license art and some sell art as prints or on products besides license their artists work. Other art licensing agents represent artists whose art fits only a niche market such as lodge, western, and country. Different ones specialize in representing artists whose art is suitable for home decor, or patterns for fabric, clothing, stationery, and scrap booking. And of course there are some art licensing agents that license all kinds of art for all kinds of products.

Art Licensing Agents

Art Licensing:

It appears as if now, like never before, the art by present artists is being seen by enormous brands. These brands are certainly not fools: they simply realize that to get noticed by consumers, what their pitching needs is to look incredible. Also, regardless of the task, there's always an artist out there who can make their mug, stationary, bedding or lamp sing a song of sales success!

Art Licensing

Licensing Agreement Terms:

Every licensing contract is unique. There is NO typical deal (contract, agreement) in art licensing because it depends upon the manufacturer, industry, products, the notoriety of the artist, etc. which affects the terms and payment. Also negotiations between the property owner (or representative) and licensee (manufacturer) affects the contract.

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