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This page deals with art supply gouache and specifics concerning this fascinating technique of painting. Furthermore, and as the title explains, it gives detailed information about the specific gouache supplies.

What Is Gouache

Gouache is an opaque watercolor paint that can be applied in solid colors.

There is a misunderstanding concerning the opaqueness of this medium: it is generally believed that this attribute is a result of adding chalk or other similar materials. However, this is rather the and product of a very high level of pigmentation in the formula: and this process produces the unsurpassed covering power of gouache. Therefore, an artist is able to paint with light colors on a dark surface!

Art Supply Gouache Info

Art Supply Gouache Best Choices: when choosing your gouache brand, please keep in mind that not all are the same! There are basically four types of this paint: their differences lie in the strength of pigmentation. However, all of them are opaque and dry to a matte finish.

Designer's Gouache traditionally offers colors blended from a number of pigments.

Artist Gouache may include the pigmentation procedures of Designer's Gouache. Other product sections of Artist's Gouache focus on offering single-pigment colors. Both types dry quickly and can be easily reproduced.

Student Gouache may share characteristics with the Artist's or the Designer's Gouache, but its pigmentation will be lower in concentration. Formulas that are cheaper may be used, as well as a smaller range of colors. This type of art supply gouache comes very handy when used in classrooms for either children or adult art instruction.

Acrylic Gouache is similar to traditional gouache, yet it uses an acrylic binder that makes it water resistant once dry. I is also capable of "sticking" to a variety of surfaces. This latter attribute makes it a favor among illustrators, cartoonists, and decorators.

How To Choose Your Art Supply Gouache

When creating a painting in this medium (that is supposed to last), one has to pay meticulous attention to the pigment information included in the tube sold: however, this is easier said than done. Often, one has to write to the manufacturer directly and ask for specific information. Before putting your order on your art supply gouache, just make sure that the handling attributes and light fastness of the product are exactly the ones you desire!

Art Supply Gouache: Artist Gouache

This category often includes the so-called Designer's Gouache. If you are an artist, then you should be careful and chose the best possible products.

There are many products on the market listed in this category. The best choices are the ones using no fillers, opacifiers, or any other medium altering gouache' s natural pigment. The ideal paint is highly pigmented: this produces a dense and rich color that does not muddy when mixed. In some products, honey is added to gum Arabic, serving as a binder; others have great tinting strength or/and the ability to mix with acrylics.

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NEWS: Sheboygan art supply retailer expands

Lakeshore Art Supplies recently expanded in downtown Sheboygan.(Photo: Gary C. Klein/USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin)Buy Photo

SHEBOYGAN – A downtown art supply retailer has expanded after finding an under-served niche in Sheboygan County’s fine arts community.

Lakeshore Art Supplies opened last August in the back of the Frank Juarez Gallery at 1109 N. Eighth St. before recently taking over the entire 700-square-foot space after the gallery closed.

The store specializes in high-end art supplies that are otherwise hard to find and has quickly found a following among local artists.

“We’re filling a hole for the arts community,” said store manager Liz Lange. “It’s either been drive to Milwaukee or order online and wait.”

The store’s owner, Cindy Hoeper, is a Sheboygan native who now splits her time between Sheboygan and Medford, Oregon, where she’s lived since 1984.

The idea came after Hoeper began looking for a business venture that would bring her back to her hometown and would move her in a new direction from the senior-care business she still runs in Oregon.

“I thought, ‘what am I going to do because I don’t want to repeat what I’m doing in Oregon,’” Hoeper said.

Lakeshore Art Supplies manager Liz Lange, left, and owner Cindy Hoeper, pose inside the store on Friday April 22, 2015 in Sheboygan. (Photo: Gary C. Klein/USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin)

Hoeper surveyed about 80 local artists to gauge interest in a local art supply shop before opening. She doesn't see herself as competing with area big box stores, such as Hobby Lobby, as there’s not a great deal of overlap in the inventory she carries.

Among the most popular items are watercolor products, acrylics, canvases and brushes. The store also carries adult coloring books, pencils, markers, sketch pads, handmade paper and wax-based painting products.

In addition, the store holds regular workshops and a popular once-a-month Art and Coffee event that’s already booked out a year in advance, where local artists display and discuss their work.

Hoeper has a social-work background and doesn’t consider herself an artist, but she remains a dedicated art fan and collector, and the store has become another outlet for her.

“I like supporting artists, and I figured this would be a way that I could do that,” she said.

Reach USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin Reporter Josh Lintereur at 920-453-5147, or on Twitter @joshlintereur.

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NEWS: Classes scheduled at ArtGarden Studio

LINDSBORG — Upcoming classes at the ArtGarden Studio:

• Mother Bird, 6:30 p.m. Thursday. Acrylic pattern with birds on branches to reflect your family. $35, supplies included.

• Watercolor Iris on Canvas, 10 a.m.-3:30 p.m. April 29. Artist Kathy Gregory teaches how to paint a watercolor iris using different watercolor techniques and strokes. $50, reservations required. All supplies included.

• Elements of Watercolor Landscape, 1-4 p.m. April 30. Artist Kathy Gregory leads the workshop through the process of creating a watercolor landscape. Bring photo of landscape for inspiration. $40, all supplies included.

• WHERE: ArtGarden Studio at Courtyard Gallery, 125 N. Main.

• INFO: (785) 227-3007 or

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