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Why should you buy gouache paintings? Below are listed some of the most interesting facts about this medium:

1. Gouache paint (with its predecessor being the egg tempera) is one of the oldest mediums in art: it dates back to Ancient Greece and Egypt, at the very least.

2. It is one of the easiest paint mediums to work with, but it is also a particularly difficult one to master.

3. However, once mastered, it creates an incredibly vibrant impression: colors appear as clear as crystal yet strong and vivid.

4. Your work of art will live for decades (if not for centuries) without loosing its intensity! Tempera has been used in Ancient Greece and Rome and later, in Europe during the 16th Century: these paintings still maintain their brilliance!

5. Gouache is water-soluble (like watercolors) and opaque (like oils). This property distinguishes it from all other paint mediums.

6. In the hands of a master painter, original gouache paintings set themselves apart for the vividness of their colors and their detailed structure.

7. Gouache can be combined with other media like ink, adding an even more subtle and yet dramatic element to the painting.

8. An artist can create areas within a painting that look exactly like oil paint and others that give the impression of watercolor being used. Combining these two properties is quite difficult, yet the result is stunning!

9. Today, an artist has access to all sort of added "layers of protection" (like a matte varnish, for example). When the varnish is added, then the lifespan of the art work is even more prolonged.

10. Finally, gouache paintings print amazingly! So, if you cannot afford to buy an original, you can still enjoy the beauty of a print in your home or office.

Buy Gouache Paintings: Fine Art prints

This collection is even richer and offers some distinct features:

1. You can see your preferred work of art in High Resolution, so that you can observe crucial details of the colors and the technique used. 

2. You can see the work you like in a real room environment, thus making your decision easier.

3. You can chose the size of the painting or even the medium used, canvas included!

Buy Gouache Paintings: Latest Works

This is a collection of mixed media paintings created with gouache, ink, oil crayons and digital manipulation! As digital manipulation works only via a computer, you can definitely consider these art prints as originals! Some of my most playful and daring work is to be found here-and I have just started! Prints are offered as framed, canvas, metal, acrylic and even tapestries!

Finally, if you like your favorite art printed on anything you use (mugs, notebooks, greeting cards, iPhone cases, or even throw pillows and duvet covers) here you are at the right place: enjoy!

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