Car Insurance Companies in NJ

Car Insurance Companies in NJ: The rate of acquiring car insurance in the state of New Jersey can vary greatly depending on the company and the coverage.  For instance, auto insurance for the middle-aged couple will cost about $4,630 which is 79% lower.  Paying a premium on the most expensive insurance companies can take up to four years which can definitely incur some expenses.  That is why we find the necessity to find the most affordable car insurance companies in NJ.

Car Insurance Companies in NJ: Finding the Most Affordable in Three Cities 

Newark, New Jersey:

Car Insurance Companies in NJ: having the notoriety of being the most expensive city for acquiring car insurance, it is only fitting to analyze if there are ways on how to acquire a cheap car insurance in this city.  The usual range of the car insurance companies in NJ would be around $1,213- $5,646.  For the couple who are aged 60 and above, the amount of premium would cost at $1,800/year.  For those at their middle-age, the price can be twice as expensive at $3,600/year.  In case you are around 23 years old and still single you the amount can be about $3,192 and for the singles who are 35 years old and above they have to pay at least $2, 368 a year.

The top three most affordable car insurance companies in NJ in this city would be Norfolk&Dedham, Farmers, and Skylands.  Compared to the average that are mentioned above, these insurance companies are 44% more affordable.  For instance, the $3,192 for the 35 years old will only cost them $1,291 if they opt for Norfolk&Dedham.

Jersey City:

Car Insurance Companies in NJ: dubbed as the 11th most expensive place to get a car insurance in New Jersey, the premiums that you have to pay for your auto insurance is 9% greater compared to the average.  The insurance quotes from different car insurance companies in NJ can greatly vary; from a low price of $ 1,036 to a whopping $4,901.  The disparity in the price range is high, but by opting for a more reasonable insurance agency, you will be able to save up to 43%.  Similar with Newark City, the top three cheapest car insurance are provided by Skylands, Farmers, and Norfolk&Dedham.   Farmer’s is offering a married couple who operates two vehicles with a 58% discount which is the most affordable insurance quote in the city.

Paterson, New Jersey:

Car Insurance Companies in NJ: Paterson, NJ can be referred to as the third most expensive city to acquire car insurance.  But similar with other cities, we also have a recommendation in order to keep the cost low.  Norfolk&Dedham, Skylands, and Farmers are also the car insurance companies in NJ that are offering the most reasonable quote.

The most affordable city to get car insurance would be Hillsborough, car insurance companies in NJ in this area will cost you about $1,538.  The Bridgewater’s normal average which is second to the most affordable would cost at around $1,563.

Car Insurance Companies in NJ:

How much do credit scores impact NJ car insurance premiums? New Jersey 101.5 FM Radio

Every state but New Hampshire requires auto insurance, and most insurance companies take applicants’ credit scores into consideration when determining their premiums. In New Jersey, a recent study reveals how your credit score has a bigger impact on how much you pay than in other states.

The 2016 Car Insurance & Credit Scores Report, produced by WalletHub, shows New Jersey with a 90 percent “premium fluctuation,” which means that drivers with no credit pay an average of 90 percent more for their insurance than do motorists with excellent credit. The national average is 53 percent.

“The premium fluctuation in New Jersey does seem high compared to the rest of the country, though it’s not the highest,” said Christine O’Brien, president of the Insurance Council of New Jersey.

In the WalletHub study, Michigan’s premium fluctuation was the highest in the country, at 122 percent. New Jersey’s immediate neighbors all had lower numbers: New York, 29 percent; Pennsylvania, 67 percent; and Delaware, 55 percent.

The New York City-based Insurance Information Institute, an organization dedicated to improving public understanding of insurance, lists on its website eight auto insurance myths, one of them being that credit has absolutely no effect on insurance rate. 

But while it is important, according to O’Brien, it is not the only criterion for insurance companies. One thing that a credit score can do is predict the likelihood that a driver will file a claim, because it is indicative of how that person manages his or her money.

“That’s just one factor that some companies use. Not all companies look at that,” O’Brien said. “We have a high-expenditure auto insurance rate in New Jersey, with many factors that play into that.”

Other determinants include the types of cars — and the prices of those cars — that New Jerseyans buy, as well as the number of cars on the road and the frequency and severity of accidents.

“The potential for high frequency of auto accidents in New Jersey is always a concern of auto insurers across the state,” O’Brien said.

Her advice to consumers worried about the impact of their credit scores is to shop around. With more than 80 carriers currently writing in the state, viable options can be found online or through an agent.

Conversely, if a driver has a good-to-excellent credit score, the Insurance Information Institute recommends asking insurance companies for credit-related discounts that may actually drive down premium costs.

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Car Insurance Companies in NJ.   
Bamboozled: Could Your Auto Insurance Policy Ae a Fake?-

Last month, we took a look at why you should worry if you regularly receive someone else's mail. 

So when we heard about a car insurance scam linked to mail delivery, we wanted to know more -- even though the scam is thousands of miles away in Scotland.

Because, dear readers, it's a small, small world.  

The scam could find its way to New Jersey in no time, so we want you to be prepared.

In the U.K., it's known as "ghost brokering." 

A man in Scotland received a letter from a car insurance company, according to a recent story by Scotland's oldest daily newspaper. 

The letter was addressed to someone who didn't live in the home.

The homeowner thought it was a mistake, reports said, so he returned the letter to the insurance company.

But a few weeks later, he received another letter for the same person.

He again returned the letter to the insurance company, but this time, he called police, concerned that his address was being used for questionable purposes.

Nothing happened.

He received a third letter, reports said, and this time he called the insurance company.

The company said it would stop the letters, reports said.

Three more letters came, and each time, the man notified the insurance company.

Each time, nothing was done, he said.

"It causes anxiety for anyone if they have got their address because it makes you think, 'what else are they using my address for?'" the man told the newspaper.

Is this car insurance scheme coming to N.J.?

It's believed the man's address was used for "ghost brokering."

Ghost brokering is the sale of a fake insurance policy at unbelievably cheap rates. 

The phony policies come in several different flavors. 

In the scam that the Scotland homeowner discovered, a ne'er-do-well uses a fake address that's in a lower risk area than where the driver actually lives, producing a policy that's cheaper than competitors. 

That's because some neighborhoods or towns are considered by insurers to be safer -- or less likely to have car thefts or vandalism -- than others.

So two drivers with the same driving record may have very different car insurance rates, depending on where the insured lives.

The Insurance Information Institute says where you live and where the car is parked can affect the cost of your insurance.

"Generally, due to higher rates of vandalism, theft and accidents, urban drivers pay a higher auto insurance price than those in small towns or rural areas," it said on its website. "Other factors that vary from one area or state to another are: cost and frequency of litigation; medical care and car repair costs; prevalence of auto insurance fraud; and weather trends."

But if the information on the policy isn't truthful, the policy won't be valid.

To learn more about how different New Jersey areas may be viewed by insurers, check out this comparison chart by the Department of Banking and Insurance. Note that as insurance premiums are very personal, and your area won't be the only factor in your premium.

But it is a factor.

Sometimes a driver tries to perpetrate the fraud by lying on an application, and other times an unknowing victim is tricked by a salesperson who presents fake information -- information that will lead to lower rates -- to the insurance company. 

Driving in N.J. is hazardous to your wealth

Other ghost brokering scams happen when insurance-reps-turned-scammers purchase a real policy for the driver, but soon cancel it, keeping the premiums for themselves and leaving the driver without insurance.

Even worse, others aren't real employees of any insurance company. The bogus rep takes premium payments for a policy that doesn't actually exist, and creates fake insurance cards to give to the victim.

"Unwary drivers will suspend their better judgment, hoping they've saved big money on auto premiums, said Jim Quiggle of the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud. "Cutting corners is about to multiply their troubles."

Imagine you're pulled over and caught with fake coverage. You could be ticketed, see your license suspended, your car towed, and you could face hundreds of dollars in fines, Quiggle said. Add to that the headache of getting your car back, going to court and clearing up the big mess.

Or worse, imagine being uninsured when you get into an accident.

"Your savings could be wiped out if you have to pay large medical costs from your own pocket," Quiggle said. "And you could get sued straight to bankruptcy."

Quiggle said younger drivers with high premiums or a spotty driving record are targeted, as are lower-income immigrants trying to save money or establish a driving record.

"Some people are fooled by the low premiums," he said. "Others know full well they're buying junk insurance. They're willing to risk everything on a ghost gambit."

The lure of super cheap auto coverage is strong in New Jersey, which still has the highest average premiums in the nation.

In 2013 -- the most recent year available -- we paid an average of $1,368.27. That compares to the national average $954.30, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners Auto Insurance Database Report. 

Car Insurance Companies in NJ:


Call the state's Department of Banking and Insurance at (609) 292-7272. Confirm your agent has a license, and that the insurance company is licensed, too. 

Quiggle says this is an especially important step if the insurance company isn't a household name.

To make sure you don't get taken, contact the auto insurance company directly to confirm your coverage is real and that your premiums have been received.

Also confirm that the policy number matches the insurer's records, and watch for typos and misspellings in the policy or the insurance card.

"Beware if the so-called agent hands you a card yet the insurer doesn't send you a full policy soon afterward," Quiggle said. "It's easy for scammers to create realistic-looking policies and insurance cards on home computers."

Also, Quiggle said, you should avoid cold callers, door-to-door peddlers and email sales pitches.

"Back off if the so-called agent demands cash or money order upfront," he said. "Play it straight and get legitimate auto coverage from a real insurer, even if costs more."

If you think you're the victim of insurance fraud, call the Bureau of Fraud Deterrence at (609) 292-7272, extension 51088, or email

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