Compositions List

This web page covers the complete Compositions List written by composer Katerina Stamatelos. Premiere information, program notes, scores, and sound files are to be found by clicking on the individual titles. At the bottom of this web page, there are links leading to specific works grouped by instrumentation.

Compositions List: 2009-2012

Prayer, op.33: for female voice and electronics (2012)

Beats Frenzy, op.32: for electronics (2012)

FairyTales, op.31: for female voice and electronics (2012)

Gone Are the Days, op.30: for female voice and electronics (2012)

Aeriko, op.29: for solo female voice (2012)

BongoStrings, op.28: for electronics (2012)

Songs of Loneliness, op.27: for female voice and electronics (2012)

BlackMoons, op.26: for piano (2011)

THAWST III, op.25: composed for Charango and guitar quartet (2009)

BlueMoons, op.24: for solo guitar (2010)

THAWST IV, op.23: composed for marimba and violin (2010)

THAWST I, op.22: composed for flute, guitar, and violoncello (2009)

LOVE AND TERROR, op. 21: composed for baritone and piano (2009)

THAWST II, op.20: composed for saxophone quartet (2009)

Ro-to-Si I, op.19: composed for violin solo (2009)

RedMoons, op.18: for solo guitar (2009)

Compositions List: 2000-2007

Metamorfa II, op.17: composed for solo clarinet (2007)

Metamorfa I, op.16: composed for solo bassoon (2005)

Projections Split, op.15: a composition for large orchestra (2003)

CANTATA: The Insane Mother, op.14 (2001)

Compositions List: 1996-1999

Songs And Prayers Of The Abyss, op.13: composed for mezzo-soprano, brass quintet,and nine percussionists (1999)

STRING QUARTET No.1, op.12: (1999)

Nanarisma, op.11: composed for mezzo-soprano, flute, and percussion (1999)

We Who Would Be Great And Kind, op.10: a composition for soprano-coloratura, mezzo-soprano, and ensemble (1998)

ORACLE, op.9: composed for mezzo-soprano and ensemble (1998)

NOCTURN No.2, op.8 No.2: composed for violoncello and piano (1997)

NOCTURN No.1, op.8 No.1: composed for violoncello and piano (1996)

THRENOS, op.7 : a composition for soprano, flute, and electronic tape (1997)

Moods, op.6 : a composition for electronic tape (1996)

Four Love Songs, op.5 : a composition for soprano and piano (1997)

Compositions List: 1992-1994

VARIATIONS and INVOCATION UPON a 'Kyrie Eleison' and an 'Anathema,' op.4 : a composition for solo piano (1994)

Daemon Songs, op.3 : a composition for baritone and piano (1994)

MARTYRIA, op.2 : composed for mezzo-soprano, choir and percussion (1992)

Stavrotheotokion, op.1: composed for three female voices (1976)

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