Fairytales Music

Fairy tales: I have always felt a profound weakness for them. I guess, that's the fascination that every artist feels about them.

As a child, my favorite one used to be Thumbelina! I was trying really hard to imagine how it would feel to live as a tiny creature! But, most of all, I felt fascinated by the book art: several years later, I would myself create such art for a fairy tale book!

But, as life seldom progresses according to one's own dreams, years later I found myself composing some other "fairy tale": this one was harsh and brutal. Yet, it transformed itself into beautiful music, as often is the fate of such pain. My latest CD, under the title My Dark Songs, explores this fairy tale, within the broader structural unit of my poetry Songs of Loneliness.

While I have never abandoned the idea of creating true Fairytale music (meaning, for children), I have often internalized this concept and applied it to compositions that were more dramatic. Three of them stand out: Nanarisma, We Who Would Be Great And Kind, and CANTATA: The Insane Mother.

While each one of them is analyzed on its own web page, as time passes, I will allow myself to add some insightful thoughts about them here as well.