Insurance Car Accident

Insurance Car Accident:  If your car happened to be involved in a car accident lately, you need to know how you will be able to claim your auto insurance.  You also need to know the steps you need to take if the person at fault does not have an insurance coverage.  In case that you are in an accident, there are essential things that you need to know before you file for a claim on your insurance car accident.  First, you should not admit on the scene that it was your fault.  You should also exchange information on the other party and try to get much information on the people who witnessed the event.  Always remember to let your agency be aware about the accident immediately.  In case there is someone injured on the accident, present your certificate to the police or personally take the insurance document at the police document within a week.  You also need to document the accident as much as you can by taking pictures of the event.

Insurance Car Accident: Claiming Different  Coverage

Comprehensive Insurance:

Insurance Car Accident: in case you have a comprehensive insurance, it is advisable to claim from your own insurance company.  However, there is a possibility that you will lose the “no-claim bonus” in the event that your insurance company will not be able to recover the cash on the other party’s insurance car accident coverage.  You can also file a claim for the losses and injuries that are not mainly covered by your insurance policy.

Insurance Car Accident: in making a claim for the insurance car accident, you need to request for a form from the insurance company.  You also need to write a letter to the other party and their insurer in the event that they are at fault.  When writing a letter, be sure to include the policy number of the other parties as well as the accounts of the accident.  Keep a copy of the documents that you will send on these parties.

Third-Party Insurance:

Insurance Car Accident: when filing for a claim against the other party, you need to let the insurer to rule on who is the party responsible for the accident.  In case you are at fault, then you have to shoulder the expenses in repairing your car.  In case the other party is responsible, it is recommended to write them a letter first informing that you are claiming from them.  In case he is a driver of a certain company, be sure to write the company about the timeline of the incident.  You should also inform your insurance agency about the steps that you have already taken in order to claim the insurance car accident.  This will prompt the other party to report the incident to their insurance agency.


Insurance Car Accident: the state law instructs us to possess at least the minimum amount of insurance, but we all know that it is not normally the case.  On the off chance that the other part is uninsured or underinsured, the MIB or Motor Insurance Bureau will be able to settle your claim for insurance car accident.

These are just some of the ways on how you will be able to claim the different insurance car accident.  Be sure to follow this short guide when filing for a claim to avoid any possible repercussions.

Insurance Car Accident
Consumer Wise: What to do after a car accident - Bay News 9

Dealing with a car accident can be overwhelming, so it’s so important to be prepared in advance to make sure you’re treated fairly by the insurance companies.

“It’s nerve-wracking,” said Liliana Marchica, who was in an accident several years ago. “Many thoughts go through my head. What am I going to do with my car? What happens to me? What am I going to tell my husband?”

As difficult as it might be, it’s important to stay calm in the moments after an accident.

Attorney’s advice:

Personal injury attorney Kevin McLaughlin says, first, make sure everyone is OK. Then, document the scene to help determine liability later.  Just use your smart phone to take pictures and notes.

“The damage of the vehicles, the location of the vehicles, and certainly the names, addresses, and phone numbers of any potential witnesses” should be documented, McLaughlin said. “If it’s a rear-end accident, it’s pretty clear-cut who is at fault, but often times, accidents turn into a he-said, she-said.”

The most important things to do right after an insurance car accident are:

Get treatment.

Take photos.

Get names and contact information for witnesses.

Notify your insurance carrier.

Notify your insurance company as soon as you can after an insurance car accident! It’s OK to give your company a recorded statement so that they understand what happened, but be careful about making recorded statements to the other driver’s insurance company.

“Their job is to protect their insured, not you,” McLaughlin said. “There have been instances where it appears to be a clear-cut accident where you tell the insurance company one thing, but the insurance company interprets what you said in a different way, not at all the way you meant it.”

Insurance Car Accident: No-fault state

One thing many people don’t realize in Florida is even if you’re not at fault, your own car insurance pays for your medical care.

“No-fault insurance or what we call personal injury protection, or PIP insurance, is primary coverage that you are required by law to carry. And that pays the percentage of your medical expenses (depending on your policy) and some of your lost wages, usually up to $10,000,” McLaughlin said.

If medical costs exceed $10,000, your own health insurance kicks in until your treatment is complete, and then you can make a claim against the other driver’s insurance company for those benefits if you are not at fault.

Also, take note: A recent change in the law requires you to seek medical treatment within 14 days or you could lose your PIP benefits.

Insurance Car Accident: Dealing with insurance companies

Dealing with insurance companies can be almost as stressful as the accident.

“It’s just frustrating, actually having to fight with the insurance companies to get your repairs,” said Mike Chancey, who had to haggle with his insurance company several years ago after a minor accident.

One thing to keep in mind is that an insurance company might have a preferred body shop they want you to use to repair your vehicle. You can take the recommendation, but they cannot force you. Under the law, the choice is yours.

“You just want to make sure it’s a reputable company using new parts, not used parts on your vehicle, and make sure everything is getting fixed,” McLaughlin said. “I’ve seen where it looks like just cosmetic damage, and when they take the bumper off, you can see frame damage.”

Click here for more information from the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles on how insurance companies investigate accidents.

Insurance Car Accident: Negotiate for fair value

If your car is totaled, negotiate. Don’t just take the first offer but do research online first to determine a fair replacement value. Websites such as and Kelley Blue Book can be very helpful.

“Go back to them and say, ‘Look, this is what my research is showing. It doesn’t seem like you’re making me a fair offer here. You’re offering me $8,000 for this car, and I went online and every site says this car is worth $12,000.’ I highly recommend that,” McLaughlin said.

If an insurance company denies your claim or shortchanges you on reimbursement, ask them to put the reason in writing. They are required to inform you in writing of their decisions to deny or reduce payments.

It’s a good idea to keep a record of all correspondence — emails and phone calls — including dates and names of customer service reps you talk to — including a short summary.

For questions on Florida’s Unfair Claim Settlement Practices Act, contact the Florida Department of Insurance Regulation:

Insurance Car Accident: When you need an attorney

As for when you might need an attorney, McLaughlin says that generally, if you’ve been injured or an insurance company is giving you a hard time, it’s a good idea to at least talk to an attorney.

“Most attorneys will talk with you at no cost and give you some advice, at least at the initial meeting. They can explain to you how the process works,” he said.

Insurance Car Accident: Uninsured motorist coverage:

One of the most important tips of all is to make sure you have uninsured or under-insured motorist coverage in your policy in case you’re injured and the other driver doesn’t have insurance. Florida has one of the highest numbers of uninsured motorists in the country.

“It’s the best coverage you can buy to protect yourself. In my mind, it’s the most important coverage you hope you never need,” McLaughlin said.

(Article Source: Latest News, Consumer Wise) 

Insurance Car Accident:

Car accident? Pay 30% more for insurance, report says!

Caution: If you have a fender bender with minimal damage, it may be wise not to file an insurance claim.

That's because in Florida, for example, car insurance premiums jump an average 30 percent after a single claim, according to an analysis released Tuesday by that is owned by North Palm Beach-based

In Florida, a driver with two claims pays a whopping average 68 percent more for car insurance than a claim-free driver.

"The biggest lesson for consumers is not to file a claim unless absolutely necessary," said Laura Adams, a senior analyst at "Making a claim for a few hundred dollars doesn’t make sense if your premium is going to skyrocket as a result."

The study, as well as a helpful "Should I Make a Claim?" calculator, is at:

Insurance Car Accident
What do I do if… I get in a car accident? - Madison County Carrier

Selina Iglesias

Greene Publishing, Inc.

Car accidents, whether major or minor, can cause a great deal of stress to all of the parties involved. While the adrenaline will be pumping, and you will experience some fear, it is important to remain calm after an accident occurs and observe your surroundings. Make sure you and your passengers are okay before exiting the vehicle. If anyone is injured, call 911.

Once you determine that everyone is unharmed, exchange information with all of the other drivers involved and stick around the scene of the accident for a reasonable time.

This includes:

Driver's License: Write down the other driver's first and last name, home address, driver's license number, phone number and email address.

Insurance: Be sure to get the other driver's insurance company, policy number and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

Photos: Take photos of your car, their car, their license plate and the accident scene.

The other driver(s) may not stay around to exchange information, especially if the accident is their fault or if they do not have insurance, so be sure to write down their license plate number and state. If you don't capture the license plate number, you will have difficulty identifying the other vehicle and getting reimbursed by your insurance company.

Insurance Car Accident: while many people think you have to get the police involved after an accident, that isn't always the case, though it can often help. Sometimes a police officer may not be able to respond to the scene in a timely manner in minor accidents where no one is injured, but it is a good idea to go to the police station and file an accident report after everything settles. It can help validate your insurance claim, and there will  be an official record of what happened.

If the accident was severe enough, towing may be necessary. The police at the scene will help by calling a tow truck, however, you may want to use your own towing company, one that is compatible with your insurance company. Discuss this with the officer on scene. Going with a towing company that works with your insurance policy may cost less, and the location of the tow place may be more convenient for you to pick up your car the next day.

Insurance Car Accident: when filing an insurance claim, never say that you're at fault in the accident. Instead, just state the facts and let your insurance company handle it. Consider your approach before filing a claim.

If your car was the only vehicle involved in the accident, like if your car struck a curb or scraped a parking garage wall, you can submit your claim to your insurance company. However, if your car was damaged but no other property requires repair, you may choose not to submit a claim at all.

You can pay out of pocket for minor repairs so that your insurance rates are not affected, or you can submit a claim, pay your deductible, and get your car repaired. The decision is up to you.

Insurance Car Accident: if two or more vehicles are involved in a collision, and you believe you’re at fault, you can choose to wait and see if the other party decides to file a claim. If it's minor damage, the other driver may not choose to take action, but if they do file a claim, it could take a few weeks for you to hear anything, so don't assume you are off the hook.

You can always contact your own insurance company and describe what occurred during the accident. If it ends up being your fault in the accident, you will have to pay your deductible and then your insurance company will help you deal with the situation from there.

Insurance Car Accident: if the other person is at fault, you can file your claim with their insurance company. The upside here is that you shouldn’t have to pay anything out of pocket for things like repairs or rental car costs. The downside is that it may take a while to get your car accident settlement.

Alternatively, you can file the claim with your own insurance company. After paying your deductible, your insurance company will provide you with full support and coverage while the other person’s insurance company works to process the claim.

Insurance Car Accident
Your Money: What I didn't know about auto insurance until an accident - Minneapolis Star Tribune

Smart Spending-John Ewoldt

As I was driving along Hennepin Avenue recently, another driver made a U-turn in front of me, dented my front panel and cracked some housing around one headlight. No one was hurt, no air bags deployed, and the driver’s vehicle looked undamaged, according to him. The damage to my aged Malibu was about $1,800.

It was my first auto accident in decades. That’s my excuse for knowing so little about collision insurance.

My first reactions ranged from “My car is still drivable. Should I even get this repaired? ” to “This will cost me $500,” my collision deductible.

As I walked toward the other driver, he said, “I’m so sorry. This is totally my fault.” I figured that didn’t matter. Minnesota is a no-fault state.

I was wrong. A call to my insurance agent revealed that no-fault applies only to PIP, personal injury protection insurance, which is required to be carried by every licensed driver in Minnesota. It pays the first $20,000 of medical expenses related to injuries regardless of who’s at fault. It does not apply to collision insurance.

My $1,800 repair bill is covered 100 percent by his property damage liability insurance, not collision.

I also learned that a police report is unnecessary when no one is injured and no crime has been committed. “The two parties can exchange personal information, driver’s license numbers and insurance companies, but without a crime or an injury, a police report is generally not needed,” said Sgt. Catherine Michal, a Minneapolis police spokeswoman.

I called the other driver’s insurance company to give a statement about the accident. It jibed with the driver’s statement, so the claims agent suggested a body shop near me to do the repair. The repair was done to my satisfaction at no cost to me. The story had a happy ending.

Insurance Car Accident

After admitting what I didn’t know about my car insurance, let me tell you what I do know:

Shop around every few years for auto insurance and save as much as $500 to $1,000 a year, according to Twin Cities Consumers’ Checkbook ( Many of the top rated companies for good service cost less than poorly rated ones. In my own comparisons last week, prices ranged from about $500 a year at Western National as well as Safeco to $832 from Cincinnati and $1,309 from West Bend Mutual.

Checkbook found that Geico, Progressive and USAA generally offer low prices in the Twin Cities, but other companies offer competitive rates for specific profiles. Western National is often more competitive for Minneapolis residents, Progressive for households with teen drivers and Auto-Owners for drivers older than 70.

Auto body shops are often a good source to ask how well insurance companies pay claims. Auto-Owners, Chubb, West Bend Mutual and Western National received the highest marks, according to Checkbook. Allstate, Encompass (a division of Allstate) and Geico rated the lowest.

Insurance Car Accident: shopping online for quotes may save you time but not necessarily money. Rate comparison sites such as, and provide quotes from companies that receive commissions or fees and often omit lower-priced companies, according to Checkbook. Check with a local independent agent who can quote from multiple companies instead.

Insurance Car Accident: another misconception about auto insurance occurs at the car rental counter. Agents aggressively push extra coverage or loss of use insurance at an additional $10 to $30 a day. Decline it. Anyone with auto insurance purchased in Minnesota is automatically insured for $35,000 when renting a car in the U.S. or Canada for personal use. It protects against loss of use, liability and collision. Yes, collisions. An accident in a rental car pulls from your property damage coverage, not collision. No consumer who gets into an accident while in a rental will have to pay a collision deductible because it’s 100 percent covered as a property damage claim.

Even with only $10,000 coverage in property damage, Minnesota state law mandates the coverage be increased to $35,000 when renting a car. Most agents recommend $100,000 in property damage coverage so you’re covered if your $25,000 Accord totals a $75,000 Tesla.

As for loss of use, rental car agents will say the consumer is liable if the car is damaged and then cannot be rented while it is being repaired. Rental agencies may try to collect on this, but insurance companies have successfully fought back by requiring the rental car site to prove that every car was rented during the time the car was out of service.

Some consumers think they should buy the extra coverage at the rental counter so the accident wouldn’t count as an accident against their own insurance. Check with your insurance agent. Some do not surcharge for one accident. An alternative is to buy Premium Car Rental Protection from American Express. It adds $20 to $25 to the cost of the car rental, assuming it is paid with an American Express card. It is the only credit card company I know of that offers primary coverage. Enroll your American Express card to be covered at 1-800-326-2078 or

Finally, if you’ve recently purchased a new vehicle with little or no money down, look into buying gap auto insurance. Most new cars nose-dive in value as they’re driven off the lot. If you total it, you could end up owing more on the loan than the car is worth.

Insurance Car Accident

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AAA automobile insurance

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Auto Insurance for Exotic Cars

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