Poetry by Katerina Stamatelos

The poem Oracle was written 1997 in Iowa City: the original language is English. I have put the text into music in my first large ensemble composition.


I have for once envisioned

The unforeseen events of the past

As they appear into the Unknown,

The Unthinkable, the Perished.

I will not extoll the beauty of my dreams

For I only know:

I am reliving them.

I am not to perish

I am not to be withheld

I disappear not.

I draw conclusions on the Above

And scatter them among you

To play with.

Though shall not fear:

It is He, the Unobscured,

The ultimate cause of pain and destruction

Who governs you

Until you become butterflies

In His galaxies of Joy!

(May 28, 1997, Iowa City)

ORACLE: The Recording

ORACLE: The Recording