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The following page contains social links to the various pages of mine. Included are: social and professional links, as well as links to points of sale of my music and art. Lastly, I could not resist to publish some of my own thoughts on the subject!


Social Links: Exploring Social Media and Depression

Recently, I came across a report linking social media to depression. The study was not the first of its kind. Many researches have reached a similar conclusion, which means that we cannot ignore the connection and we should better be careful. A recent study in the US, sponsored by the National Institute for Mental Health, found that there is a strong association between social media usage and depression among young Americans, as reported by Mashable. “The study found that levels of depression increased with total amount of time spent using social media and number of visits to social media sites per week.” The root cause of this problem is envy and inferiority complex one feels on seeing somebody happy, successful or having a good time. Whether on Twitter, Instagram, and I won’t exclude Snapchat, we usually see others enjoying their lives, having fun, attending events, hoping between different countries, eating at different restaurants and jumping from an attraction to another. Seeing all these people having all that action from the sofa of your living room makes you sad, thinking that there is something wrong with you! Why are not you having as much fun as these people? I would like to be straightforward — a lot of social media stars have all the action because they are paid to do so. Social media is no longer a place for you and your friends to exchange happy moments and photos of your kids: there are people traveling on a weekly basis to cover this event or that, to promote one product or another. On the social media, we get to see only the fun part: we don’t get to see the other side of the story where exhaustion and being away from family and friends become a way of life. Nevertheless, there are many other reasons that make social media, at least sometimes, a lonely place to be. It is ironic when you come to think of it. While social media seem to be the place for people to connect and exchange ideas and special moments of their lives, a lot of people need to be alone to consume it, turning the whole experience into a sort of addiction: you need to be away from real people, to interact with people you follow and like in the cyber world. What happens in the US is not different from what is happening around the world, including Saudi Arabia. A lot of us have become addicted to smartphones. We like the feeling of being always connected, to watch photos and videos as they appear on social media sites. The next time you are in a restaurant or a coffee shop, look around to see how many individuals are sitting alone hooked to their phones or laptops, or how many of them are sitting in a group without exchanging a word, as their eyes are glued to their own phone screens.

Below, you will find a very useful link concerning the negative influence of social media on our youth and how to deal with it. The information is provided by a very respectful American Law firm:

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Using Social Media as a Tool of Power: this sector of marketing represents an enormous opportunity for brand exposure. If you execute your strategy carefully, you’ll be able to publicly communicate with thousands—or even millions—of people, all at once. To read the extensive article that focuses on this subject, please click on the following link:

The Power of Social Media

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This Social Network was made for musicians only and it is one of my favourites. it does not include many Classical musicians, but rather creators and bands/singers from other areas (rather unknown to me): Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, Country, and many others I can hardly find a description for! However, over the years, I made this discovery: musicians there are very, very nice and supportive! And very polite! Not the Classical music snobs I am used to dealing with on a daily basis. I love them and I am greateful to every feedback I receive!


I have been a strong opponent of Soundcloud at the time of its peak and its "free exchange" of music between users. I am NOT for free: I have studied music for over 25 years and my education was very expensive! People do not realise that, while they find it 'normal' to pay for coffee', they are 'appalled' to hear that composers need to be..paid! OMG! How dare they??? I say one thing: there are many idiots out there, as there are many SHARKS as well who want to take ADVANTAGE of any musical of artistic talent you may have. DO NOT PERMIT THIS! EVER! These are NOT true music lovers, they are true gangsters: they steal your music, thus killing you. F@ck them and DEMAND COMPENSATION, or you are not a professional.

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Several years ago, I have started my YouTube account (with no intention to ever implement ads, as they are acting as distractions from the video). I have uploaded my own music (and videos made with my own paintings). The "listening numbers" go back to the years I was very active on Reverbnation. Right now, I am subscribed to an X-number of sites with detective films (mostly British, as I adore the plots and acting). When I have enough new material of my own, I will of course upload more.

By the way, YouTube is one of the places where extreme hatred circulates: everybody is there with a pseudonym making criticism about things they hardly know in depth. 

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