Ro to Si I: for solo violin

Ro to Si I, op.19: composed for violin solo (2009).

Duration: ca. 7 minutes.

Composition commissioned by: Marco Fusi.

Premiere information: Marco Fusi, violin.

SoundSCAPE Festival 2009, Pavia, Italy, July 16, 2009.

Program Notes

The title is based on an abbreviation of Roads-to-Silence.

In this composition, I use a complex structure based on the Ancient Greek/Byzantine music systems originating back to Pythagoras.

The speed, extensive use of quarter tones, and general difficulty would label this composition as "virtuoso." However, Marco Fusi ( a highly regarded composer/violinist) put it together within 10 days! His comments were very positive as was the reception from the audience.

Unfortunately, I do not have a recording of the original performance. The presentation below (on SoundCloud) was created by using the violin provided by the Garritan Personal Orchestra as embedded within Sibelius.

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