SXISMA, LLC is a Music & Arts Agency with its operating offices in Manhattan, New York City, and San Francisco, California: as such, it serves as the sole representative of Katerina Stamatelos's music, fashion, and art. To facilitate the management of the diverse musical/artistic manifestations of this unique artist, the company operates under the following names:


SXISMA RECORDS, based in San Francisco, CA, handles all recordings concerning the compositions and piano interpretations of Katerina Stamatelos.


SXISMA EDITIONS is an ASCAP member and the official music publisher of Katerina Stamatelos's music compositions and arrangements. At the present, all of her scores are in PDF format. For large format scores, please contact us.


Sxisma Editions Licensing is an online platform where you can listen to Katerina's music and license it. The various uses are listed on the specific website.

Navigation Tips: You can listen to an entire composition online without payment! When interested in one, just click on the green "license" button (at your right). By placing your mouse on it, you will see a "get a license quote" sign. A new window will appear with your licensing options: now, you are able to select the "license type" you are interested in. By selecting a specific license, more options appear: music length, theme song (or background),  advertising use, etc-all according to the type of license selected. Prices depend on  the specific variables chosen.

For works that appear on Katerina's CDs, but are not on this list, please contact us: prices remain the same as on the official website!


SXISMA ART GALLERIES is the sole representative of Katerina Stamatelos's art. Both art reproductions (art prints or canvas prints) as well as originals are offered for sale. 

For details, please consult the link below:

SXISMA Art Gallery


All images are the property of Katerina Stamatelos and may not be used wholly or in part without the prior written permission of the copyright holder. The written permission applies to any form of use: copying, duplicating, printing, publishing (even on a web site), reproducing, storing, or transmitting by any means what so ever. 
Copyright @ Katerina Stamatelos. All Rights Reserved. 

To License one of my prints, please follow this link: 

By clicking on any of the images shown in the collection, you will be taken to the direct website for licensing. Here, you will find that you can chose between one of two options:

Royalty Free License and Rights Managed License

By scrolling down, you will be able to find the exact license you need! Plus, you can read in advance what the contract is all about in both "simple language" as well as "formal" one (actual contract).


SXISMA FASHION is the Couture House that creates clothes designed by Katerina Stamatelos.



SXISMA PUBLISHING deals with books (in print form) concerning the art, fashion designs, and music research articles written by Katerina Stamatelos. Furthermore, it also presents old art books (now in public domain) that could be of great inspiration to other artists: these books come in downloadable format (PDF).

At the present moment, only these (Public Domain) Art Books are on sale. Any addition to our bookstore with original books by Katerina Stamatelos will be officially announced! 


SXISMA MANAGEMENT serves as the official manager of all creative output by Katerina Stamatelos. Please contact us here if you are interested in: commissioning a New Music composition, performing or licensing existing compositions, buying an original art work, representing Katerina Stamatelos in your art gallery, licensing existing paintings of hers, or commissioning a Fashion design collection.

For detailed inquiries, please use the contact page.

FINALLY: this website is owned and managed by SXISMA, LLC.