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Original books (with or without illustrations) created by Katerina Stamatelos. The texts in these books are set within a wide range from Music (Performance, Composition, Education, or Analysis) to Arts (Painting methods, Art catalogues of Katerina's works, Tips and Guides on Art Licensing) to Fashion Design Collections.

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Sxisma Fashion Collections Publications!

Sxisma Publishing: Important Announcement

Sxisma Publishing Presents a Series of Fashion Design Collections

by Katerina Stamatelos

Katerina Stamatelos is a fashion designer, musician (composer and pianist), painter, and poet. She holds a professional degree in fashion design and pattern making as well as five professional degrees in music (piano performance, piano pedagogy, and a PhD in music composition).

Since 2010, Katerina has been chief designer of the Sxisma Fashion House, using various online platforms to create hundreds of fashion items, including home décor. These products can be found in abundance by googling the term “Sxisma Fashion.” However, her creativity encompasses far more than these platforms would indicate. She has commented often about the simplicity of available patterns and the commonality of materials.

The publication of her visionary designs fills this void. She has accepted our representation and now feels free to design according to her wishes and take her innovative ideas as far as she is able. We could not be more pleased.

The Collections of this series of books are published with the fashion design student, professional designer, manufacturer, and fashion lover in mind. The designs have never been realized as physical products. This makes them invaluable for the following reasons:

1. You will be inspired for the creation of your own collections.

2. You will be encouraged to use portions of these ideas for your own purposes.

3. Fashion Design ideas will inspire painters, architects, and other visual artists.  Katerina states that they even inspire her in music composition!

4. We have omitted “suggested materials” due to the fact that each design can be realized in myriad ways. We will never stand in the way of your creativity.

5. Each Designer Collection consists of 25 original designs, depending on the central theme, with or without accessories.

6. Each Designer Collection features a specific theme, with some themes being the continuation of others.

7. The “continuation of theme” stated above (and further transformations of similar ideas) can facilitate the creation of a series of your own collections: the particular process may be called structural design and can be invaluable to the creation of all forms of art.

8. Each design is priced at the ridiculous sum of $30: a real steal, in the competitive world of fashion! Considering their originality and taking into account the fact that these designs represent potential “gold mines” in terms of profitability in the manufacturing industry, easy access to these ideas is priceless.

9. Note for interested manufacturers: the designs are copyrighted. If you are interested in putting them into production individually or as a group, you will need to purchase a licensing clearance (contract). The cost depends either on the number of items produced or on a certain period of production (usually two years). Please indicate your preferences by using the “contact” button on our website ( We are open to all types of collaboration.

The first book is here!!!


Sxisma Publishing: Katerina's Story in Fashion Design

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