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   I am Katerina Stamatelos and, on this page, I will try to describe in short the processes which have formed my artistic personality.

   I have been drawing since my childhood: models in fanciful dresses, but mostly entire cities. I also used to write poetry.

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   By age nine, I knew exactly what I wanted to become in life: an architect! But then, by age fifteen, I listened to Khachaturian’s second symphony: my feelings were so intense that I immediately knew I HAD to become a musician. Composition never appeared into my fantasy world: I thought this was the privilege of musical geniuses and I did not consider myself being one.

   Throughout my adolescence, several teachers of different disciplines were trying to talk me into this or the other artistic profession. All had one common demand: absolute devotion. I followed that by choosing piano performance and, over the next decades, I devoted myself to this art entirely. I had the privilege of being trained by the most exquisite pianists as well as educators.  I also tasted the emotional and artistic excitement of my own piano performances, both as a soloist with orchestras and as a solo pianist appearing in public and Radio/TV recitals. I was happy with my decision but not entirely happy to have chosen only one direction-and, secretly, continued drawing…..

   The good thing about my choice: I learned to focus. This ability would prove to be priceless during my later artistic development.

   But, one day, something inside me exploded: I allowed myself to study Fashion Design! What followed was a complete surprise: I started composing. Poetry seemed to flow naturally... Finally, serious painting followed.

   After several years of piano performance and due to that precisely, I was offered an assistanship and scholarship by Kent State University. Exciting years followed which led to another two (in a total of three) degrees from American Universities (The University of Iowa being the second one), all of which were possible through generous scholarships/fellowships.

   My newly discovered inclination as a New Music composer added an immense value to all of my other abilities. Now, I finally recognize my personal truth: all of these talents go together; nothing works when I exclude the others. I feel free and happier than ever before. Needless to say, I still design houses.

   Nowadays, and after having been busy teaching for over 25 years, I concentrate exclusively on the production of art and music.  The "new" Katerina Stamatelos is a transformed one as she is all of these: a New Music composer, pianist, painter, fashion designer, and poetess! From composing music to painting and designing every day consumer goods, my fascination stays the same: I am absolutely in love with creation. And, I am not trying to hide this fact. I hope that, within these pages, you will take the time to explore.

About my website: being diverse in my interests, so is my website! You will find, among my various web pages, the following sub niches:  

1) Music composition: list of my compositions, links to individual pages for each one of them, reviews about Katerina Stamatelos's works, pages about other composers and their techniques (coming soon), SXISMA EDITIONS, rentals of my music (instructions), music licensing (and instructions for licensing my music), SXISMA RECORDS (and links to Amazon for mp3 downloads) and, finally, several pages about intellectual property and music business.

2) Piano performance: my personal repertoire list, biography and education, reviews of my concert appearances (as a soloist), links to these works for educational purposes (coming soon), links to my upcoming piano performance recordings via SXISMA RECORDS (also coming soon).

3) Art: full list of my paintings (and links to individual pages, one for each. Coming...), links to my online gallery, informational pages on the techniques I use, and several pages about art licensing and the business of art.

4) Fashion Design: here you will find information about my own fashion designs (education and praxis), links to my favorite fashion designers, as well as my applied designs via SXISMA FASHION line. My product designs (industrial design) appear under SXISMA SHOP. Both SXISMA FASHION and SXISMA SHOP have their own buttons: hard to miss them.

5) Web pages of various interests:  I am a human being (in addition to being an artist) and have common concerns. So, you will also find several other sub niches that deal with issues like web hosting, my own musicology research projects, articles about the brain as influenced by music, my comments on social media and its negative impact on our lives, and anything else that might come up into my life. I keep evolving: so do my interests!

6) Commissioning a New Music composition by Katerina Stamatelos:  all commission fees and procedures are determined by my music publisher SXISMA EDITIONS (a member of ASCAP; American Society of Composer Authors and Publishers). As far as I know, their prices are both very reasonable and negotiable. Please state your exact inquiry on the CONTACT form (by clicking on the Contact button) and it will be forwarded to the appropriate department.

7) Licensing a New Music composition by Katerina Stamatelos: whether you are interested in licensing a composition for performance/s or for use in your own projects, all inquiries are processed also by my publisher (SXISMA EDITIONS). Please click on the Contact button and follow the directions. Simple. Important Note: my works can be bought as study scores. However, if you want to perform them, you still need to buy a Performance License.

8) Art: if you interested in my paintings, please click on the Art Gallery! You will find there several of my art works listed there.

9) Art licensing: if you are interested in licensing my art, all inquiries should be made directly on the Contact page. Please fill the form as guided: from there, your request (or simple question) will be sent to the appropriate department.

10) Fashion: if you are interested in the designing of an individual fashion line, please proceed as stated above. Just enter your information and exact inquiry on the Contact Form that is to be found by clicking on the Contact button.

Thanks for taking the time to read: I hope you enjoy browsing around!

Sxisma Publishing offers books created by Katerina Stamatelos. The books will be organised in the form of specialised series covering a wide spectrum of her interests and activities: 

1) Fashion Design (her Original Designer Collections) 

2) Art: The Art Books will contain both her works in detailed photos, commentaries, and techniques used. 

3) A third series of books will cover the applications of her art on consumer products. 

4) Music will be covered in shorter, guide-books, with three objectives in mind: music education, piano performance, and composition. 

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