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 Sxisma Fashion creations are the perfect choice for customers who value designer clothes at very affordable prices!  Our clothes are designed for all members of the family!  You can find here anything between luxury and casual!  Sxisma Fashion designs are stylish, fun, and really original: establish your personal look and have great fun while doing it!

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Sxisma Fashion Haute Couture: 

Our London Handmade Collection!

This is our most amazing collection: handmade and manufactured in London, UK, these collections represent some of the finest designs by Katerina Stamatelos! Enjoy!

Sxisma Fashion Collections Publications!

Sxisma Fashion is pleased to announce that, Katerina's Imaginative designs will soon be published in a series of Fashion Designer Collections Books under Sxisma Publishing! We have proposed this to our designer as a means to create inspiration for others: there are many young and struggling fashion designers who would definitely profit from the vast amount of Katerina's ideas! The books will have a large number of designs (and patterns!) and will be priced sensibly, so that more fashion lovers/designers can afford to buy them. 

The first book will be launched in June 2020.To get the announcement first, please sign up to our Newsletter that will serve only this purpose: Katerina's publications.

A final note: our subscribers to this list will, occasionally, receive substantial discounts!