Sxisma Fashion Skater Dress-1

Sxisma Fashion Skater Dress-1

Inspired by my original painting The Lovers, this skater dress design represents some of my most radical experiments with digital manipulation intended to be used on fabrics. I have arranged the strong brushes/lines of the painting in such a way, as to enhance the female silhouette!

Bespoke, Personalized Print & Handmade especially for you, as a single exclusive one-of-a-kind piece. All our garments are made to order. Each company has different clothes patterns and our specificity is that we do not produce "ready to wear" clothes. It is therefore extremely important that you first check the body measurements chart, given when you click at the link provided (not just sizes), to ensure that all body parts fit the size you wish to go for. Generally if you are in between sizes it is advised to go for the next size up.


Sxisma Fashion Skater Dress-1: Sizes Available

One for the most challenging and intriguing projects for me was to create "variants" of the original dress design! It is feels both like a game of creation and an offer, to my client, of a special gift: her dress size can be unique! Some times, as in this specific design, the variants are quite radical. Other times, I prefer to keep it simpler-if I see that the specific design enhances the figure of a woman in all available sizes!

The reason I have placed the snap shots of these various sizes, is for you to get an immediate glance at how enriching (and enticing!) these variants can be! For this particular design, I have also chosen to upload larger photos: I just wanted to create the sense of looking at these dresses as in an offline shop, at your leisure, and getting almost a "feel" for each one! Enjoy!  

Sxisma Fashion Skater Dress-1: The XS Size

The smallest of all sizes (XS) usually fits women with almost adolescent bodies. By arranging my design this particular way, I had this playfulness of youth in mind. 

Sxisma Fashion Skater Dress-1: The S Size

Sxisma Fashion Skater Dress-1: The M Size

Sxisma Fashion Skater Dress-1: The L Size

Sxisma Fashion Skater Dress-1: The XL Size

Sxisma Fashion Skater Dress-1: The 2XL Size

Sxisma Fashion Skater Dress-1: The 3XL Size

Sxisma Fashion Skater Dress-1: The 4XL Size

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