Little Girl I

Little Girl I (2002):

Original painting. Gouache on paper. 

Dimensions: 35 x 25 cm (H x W).

The Three Little Girls were created together, in 2002, and the inspiration was the theater play written by Pablo Picasso under the title "Four Little Girls".

The seemingly disconnected language of the girls in the play, reinforces the cruelty of war against their innocence.

The Three Little Girls

   As in the play, the Little Girls here do not show their loveliness and innocence: the cruelty of war is depicted in the grimaces of their faces. Furthermore, their hands are either "cut off" or trying desperately to find and hold on steady roots of the ground.

I consider all Three Little Girls as some of my strongest works. The reason is that that they express personal emotional trauma in a very successful way.

However, for the untrained eye they are just ugly-looking-little-girls. 

Little Girl I

Little Girl I is dressed up in in an orange-red dress: the red comes mainly from her face that appears almost drenched in blood. She has no real eyes or mouth: just three black lines connected with her clutch hands and feet, also in black. Furthermore, her eyes stem from a black crown, rigid and heavy as steel. There are flowers around her, in the garden, but she does not notice any of the surrounding beauty. Her body, filled with hollows and edgy lines, moves like a robot: yes, she is THE robot-girl.

On Buying The Original Painting:

Buying an original work of art should be based mainly on the emotion it creates for the buyer: trying to figure out whether a certain work will be a good "investment" is something to be left for the ones who see art as an investment only. Everybody else, should consider the decision to buy merely an emotional investment: you will have to live with this work for a long time, so it should move something inside you that is worth moving!

In the following images (loaded from my Pinterest collections), I have tried to show off the several ways this painting could enhance your surroundings! These are wonderfully made prints(by Imagekind) that may give you an idea of how this painting would look! I have chosen several types of prints (on paper or canvas) and different kinds of settings.

Another advantage that the Imagekind website provides is the possibility of looking at sections of the paintings in high resolution, thus making your decision easier. High resolution images cannot be allowed here for obvious (security) reasons.

I believe that a plain, yet strong, black frame is mostly suitable to every wall: even on walls that carry strong colors (like the following orange one) or classic stripes!

However, I do love the baroque frame (as you will notice below) for certain specific settings!

Lastly, the canvas prints also give another interesting choice to the buyer.

Canvas Print

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