Oracle: for Mezzo-Soprano And Ensemble

ORACLE, op.9: composed for mezzo-soprano and ensemble (1998).

Poetry: Katerina Stamatelos.

Duration: 9 minutes.

Composition commissioned by: Katherine Eberle.

Premiere information: Katherine Eberle, mezzo-soprano; Maria Delgado, Thea Engelson, Danielle Hurt, Margaret Lanning, Emily Truckenbrod, Jennifer Valle, sopranos; Michael Flynt, trumpet. String quartet I: Sarah Young, violin I; Miki Yuasa, violin II; Sarah Prahl, viola; David Arato, violoncello. String quartet II: Quentin Arnold, violin I; Pamela Meier, violin II; Luiz Lange, viola; James Ellis, violoncello. Pat Anderson, Jonathan Crawford, percussion; Melanie Jacobson, chorus coach; Sergio Espinoza, conductor.

Words and Music Concert, Clapp Recital Hall, The University of Iowa School of Music, Iowa City, IA, April 19, 1998.

Oracle: The Poem

Oracle: The Recording

The recording of Oracle was based on the live performance of the composition during the World and Music concert, as stated above.

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