Solo Music. Compositions written for solo instruments

Solo Music: this web page covers the complete list of composition written for solo instruments. Premiere information, program notes, scores, and sound files are to be found by clicking on the individual titles.

Composing for solo instruments has always been the greatest challenge for me! Being a soloist myself, log before I even started creating my very own music, I had some basic criteria for choosing a solo composition:

1. originality

2. strength of expression

3. structural unity

4. virtuoso writing

BlueMoons, op.24: for solo guitar (2010).

Ro-to-Si I, op.19: composed for violin solo (2009).

RedMoons, op.18: for solo guitar (2009).

Metamorfa II, op.17: composed for solo clarinet (2007).

Metamorfa I, op.16: composed for solo bassoon (2005).

VARIATIONS AND INVOCATION UPON A 'Kyrie Eleison' AND AN 'Anathema', op.4 : a composition for solo piano (1994).