Vocal Music

Vocal music forms a central point of my musical output. My fascination with voice has started long time ago, during my adolescent years where I was involved with three chorus ensembles within a single year! And that, on top of an incredibly busy academic schedule of about 12 hours per day!

My very first composition, at age seventeen, was a choral one. Though my theory teacher of that time thought that I should chose composition as my major, I did not believe in myself as being that talented. After all, I hated theory! Little did I know about the so many other composers who felt the same!

LOVE AND TERROR, op. 21: composed for baritone and piano (2009).

CANTATA: The Insane Mother, op.14.

Songs And Prayers Of The Abyss, op.13: composed for mezzo-soprano, brass quintet,and nine percussionists (1999).

Nanarisma, op.11: composed for mezzo-soprano, flute, and percussion (1999).

We Who Would Be Great And Kind, op.10: a composition for soprano-coloratura, mezzo-soprano, and ensemble (1998).

ORACLE, op.9: composed for mezzo-soprano and ensemble (1998).

THRENOS, op.7 : a composition for soprano, flute, and electronic tape (1997).

Four Love Songs, op.5 : a composition for soprano and piano (1997).

Daemon Songs, op.3 : a composition for baritone and piano (1994).

MARTYRIA, op.2 : composed for mezzo-soprano, choir and percussion (1992).

Stavrotheotokion, op.1: composed for three female voices (1976).