License My Art

License My Art: this is the web page where you can find all links to my art that is for license. The list is, at the moment, small but it will keep growing with speed as there are many of my art works out there that are offered for licensing! The themes also vary: from my "Femmes fatales" series to my "Geometric patterns" you will have a diverse field of choice. Enjoy and come back often, as more art will be added regularly. 

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License My Art: The Femmes Fatales Series

This is a series of paintings around the destructive force of female beauty created with  
mixed media: gouache on paper, ink, pastel crayons, and digital manipulation. The total number of these paintings is 51: links to each one of them will be added here gradually.

License My Art: The Geometric Patterns Series

License My Art: now Sxisma Art Licensing offers royalty free images to be purchased as digital downloads! You can search through our amazing selection of imaginative art to help you with your projects. Great images at the lowest prices!

Created with gouache, ink, and digital manipulation, this series of works offers amazing flexibility when it comes to adapting it to consumer products!